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60MP Smartphone is Coming in the market

60MP Smartphone is Coming in the market

In this technology based age, the smartphone has become a part of our life. As the day goes on, the smartphones are so much better in new looking. And, with the help of this, in the market a special smartphone consisting 60MP camera is coming with 6.4 inches 4K display, resolution 2160 × 3840. It's not like other smartphones, this phone has three three Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 CPUs, with 18GB RAM. Internal memory 1.2 TB (1 TB = 1024 GB).

Users can install two micro SD cards. Monolith Chaconne's operating system has been used by the company's own Swordfish OS. Artificial Intelligence has been included with The 60 megapixel rear camera can be used to record video in IMAX 6K technology.

Dual front camera of this phone is 20 MP. You can install four SIM cards simultaneously on a smartphone. Battery is 100000 mAh. The handset can come in the market in this year.

Last week, the company brought Turing Phone Cadenza publicly with 'Voice on' technology. The phone has a 5.8 inches quad HD display, resolution 1440 × 2560. Internal storage of Turing Phone Cadenza is 1 TB, i.e. 1024 GB More than 500 GB of storage can be provided with micro SD card. The prototype of that handset has been created.