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Uses of GOOGLE Map in our life

Great uses of Google Map are discussed here!

Google Map is the unique feature of Google's magical charms spreading all over the world. Just a few years ago, when unknown people went to any places, they asked ten people to know the roads. 

But in the welfare of the Google map, no roads are unknown today! Wherever you do want to go, when you search the map, you will get out of the way, how will everything go! While Google Map was notable around the world from ago, many people in our country have not been accustomed to it. So let's get to know today the tips and tricks of using Google Map, so that you can be able to use the Map from now on easily.

Know the traffic jam in the road!

How is it possible to know if there is a traffic jam on the road and there is no road left? It would have been a long time, would not you? To make that happen, Google Maps brings live traffic updates - it has been in the developed world since the beginning of 2007, but recently it has been launched in Bangladesh.

To use it, from the menu of menus, click on 'Real Time Traffic' and go to 'Traffic' option and make 'Typical Traffic' from 'Live Traffic'.

When the traffic option is turned on, you can see green, yellow, orange and red colors on the map on the map. When you see the green color, you can understand that there is no jam on the street now. When the orange color is visible, if exist the medium jam, same for red color and it is difficult to understand the traffic jam, it is better not to go by the road!


Low cost map usage: Lite Mode

Many of us use the internet with the help of mobile data, so the Google Map may seem a bit expensive. That's why Google's excellent feature is 'Google Lite', where internet costs are much lower. You can click on this link on Google Lite Map, or by typing "Google map lite" on Google search.,89.3748456,15z?force=lite

Here's a lightning button below the right side of the screen that will ensure you're in the light mode. Like Facebook, Facebook Lite, or Opera Mini, UC Mini, Google Map is also the easiest medium for Google Maps. So whether you use WiFi or mobile data, it will not cost you to run the map, but all the benefits of the original map will be fairly enjoyable!

How to run Google Maps without internet?

Think you went to a place to visit, but suddenly you lost the way while traveling there! This was my situation when I went to the mountain. The road that Google Maps will find is not open; There is a smartphone with everyone, but no one is coming to the network!

You can download maps of that area before going to visit.

We are all alone in the mountains of Biren, while the sun has sunk, the Hukkahua call of fox around We are afraid of a little bit, then a friend goes out of the way to the face of a friend, without hesitating to open the map and go through some direction. We are surprised! Later it was known that he had already downloaded the Google map of this area!

Here's the Google Map Telesatyi, once you download a map of an area, without any internet connection you can be sure that the roads in the area are all about. If you go to visit next time you can download the map of the area in advance, wherever you go, there will be no fear of losing mountains, mountains, jungle!

The opportunity to measure distance of any place

Finding distance from Gulshan to Gulistan ! Or the house of your home ? Even if you are hard to think, you can get out of the calculation by using any distance using Google Map.

Because of this, you have to first place the distance from the drop pin to the location you want to measure the distance. Then pressing the drop pin will give you several options, from there click "Measure Distance" and you can measure the distance.

The opportunity to tell where you are from the moment
A few days ago, a schoolboy was abducted while visiting a village village. The funny thing is that the poor kidnappers do not reach their dormitory and police are waiting for them!

Before it came to know how it happened, handcuffs were hand in hand, and the son of the family returned to peacefully at home. It was later known that the boy always kept his father informed about where he was through the Google Map, so whenever the father saw that the boy's location was far from where he was going to go, then he would suspect him, call the police.

The boy was used a feature called "Share your location in real time" on Google Map. By using it you can also let anyone know whom you are now. That's why click on Share Location from the menu, select the distraction, and select the person you want to contact from Google contact who can start the location sharing with them.