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Use of Facebook in interesting way

Use of Facebook in interesting way

The young generation's constant companion is Facebook. Most of the days are spent on this virtual time. As soon as the photos were uploaded, photos or videos were still being uploaded. But there are many problems with this upload issue. Or using other features of Facebook is also a hassle. This is the solution to some problems.

1. Photo or album
Whether you have a proper Facebook account or not, there is a need to look at it occasionally. So, Facebook itself has done that work very often. That's why if your picture or video flies, it's only a matter of time As a result, it is likely to come back in a while.

2. Blocked by using a feature, if someone looks at some annoying or bad things on your profile, then they can report against your profile. That's why sending messages, you may be blocked from tagging photos. It can last for several hours or a few days. Avoid the fact that this issue will have its notices.

3. Facebook social media is warning before watching a photo or video. Millions of people see something shared on this platform. There are some issues, it is harmful for the kids. Keeping that responsibility in mind, Facebook has a little control over some issues.

4. "Add Photos" does not appear in the album, if you upload 1 thousand photos to the album, then you can no longer add. You can create new albums to solve problems.

5. Photos like black boxes are being uploaded, or like empty boxes. There is no other way than to report the picture cracking.