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Some usefulness and benefits of eating fishes

Some usefulness and benefits of eating fishes

Recent studies say, eating fish increases intelligence of a person. The study of the US University has shown how to increase the intelligence of a person by eating fishes and it is started since childhood.

In the study report of the University of Pennsylvania of the United States, it has been said that fish feeding regularly to children increases the intelligence normally in IQ by about four times higher than those who do not eat fish every day, only after feeding a few days a week. Even those who eat fish sometimes is gainer IQ 3.3  than compared to normal.

Pino Martine, the head of the researcher's team in 'The Scientific Reports', said that sleeping levels are enough to help feed their children regularly. Not only during sleep, but also beneficial for better sleep. This survey was conducted on 541 children of China. They are 9 to 11 years old. 54 percent boys and 46 percent girls. Not only those children, they have been asked to answer questions from their parents. Based on these, the report was published.

1. Fishes have a lot of nutrients. So eating fish is very good for health.

2. Eating fishes may lessen the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

3. Fishes increase grey matter in the brain and protect brain from age related deterioration and Alzheimer disease.

4. Eating fishes also help to prevent depression and make a person more happier. 

5. Fishes are the good source of vitamin D and minerals.

6. Eating fishes also reduce type 1 diabetes, asthma, and protect vision of eyes in the old age.

7. Eating fish improves sleeping quality of a person.