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Most searched things in GOOGLE in this year 2017!

Most searched things in GOOGLE in this year 2017!

Search engine Google has published a list of what the world's most searched people have been searching for in the year 2017. Today the list was published on Tuesday. In addition to the commonly searched topics worldwide, there are a list of the top 10 most searched topics in different categories and from different countries.

Let's see at a glance what's in the list:

The most searched internationally hurricane storm (Hurricane Irma). In August-September of this year, a flaming storm hit the United States.

Then there are iPhone 8 and iPhone X respectively.
The name of Matt Lauer is first in the list of the most searched people worldwide. This American journalist and TV presenter had been discussing for years in connection with sexual harassment for his colleagues. His name also occupies the fourth place in the general list of search worldwide. Most of those who have been ranked among the most searched people, most of them are accused of scandals. Other people on the list are Meghan Markle, Nadia Toffa, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey.

Meghan Markle is the most searched among the celebrities worldwide. In November, when Merkle's engagement with Harry was completed, he came to the top of the discussion. Other stars discussed include Kevin Spacey, Gal Gadot, Louis C.K., Meryl Streep.

American pop star Ariana Grande has topped the search list among musicians. This year, the name of a terrorist organization, IS suicide bomber, at the entrance of his concert in Manchester, Britain, killed 23 people and injured more than five hundred. Also, those who came in contact include Linkin Park, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Ed Sheeran.

Despacito has been the top-ranked music composer for years. The song, written by Puerto Rican artist Luis Fonsi, has overtook YouTube's most watched video with over 300 million views. The parades of the song also get popularity in many countries of the world. Other songs released after Despasito are Shape of You, Perfect, Havana, Look Who Made Made Do etc.

It has topped the list of most searched movies. This movie, which was based on popular novelist Stephen King's novel, was in the year's discussion. Other films on this list include Beauty and the Beast, Wonder Woman, Get Out, Justice League.

Stranger Things, topped by the most discussed series. The adventure of three teenage adventures and the history of the occult world, the second season of this series was broadcast this year. The list also includes 13 Reasons Why, Big Brother Brasil, Game of Thrones, Iron Fist etc.

The list of most searched people from Bangladesh is model number one Sabila Nur. Then there are Mia Khalifa and Taskin Ahmed, the cricket star respectively. Below is the name of the best ten people who have been searching from Bangladesh.

Sabila Nur
Mia Khalifa
Taskin Ahmed
Shakib Khan
Mosharraf Karim
Jannatul Nayeem
Mashrafe Mortaza
Tawhid Afridi
Shabnam Bubli
Atif Aslam