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How to make short Facebook friend list?

How to make Facebook friend list short? 

Facebook gives a birthday reminder us every day. If you go there, you will see whose birthday is that day. Here's a look at a glance. Here you will find some useful FB IDs as well as additional FB IDs. Remove those additional IDs. 

There is an option on Facebook called On this Day. If you go here today, you see what you posted, what pictures uploaded. It is also seen as a friend of some people. From there, check out one by one, friend.

A post that does not seem to be recognizable may be from fake ID. Go to that ID, check if there is any need for that ID. Leave everything in the filter without mixing everything.

Turn your ID into the time when you have time. If you go there you have a few friends mutual. Check them out. Go home and see if they are what you need. If not, then filter it out.

Identify some pages that conflict with your ideals or dislike you. Identify some groups as well as pages. If you are among those, you can see that some friends of your list have liked or joined them. You will find many indigestible friends there. In this process, many non-virtualized virtual friends can be identified in a short time. That's why this method is quite useful. But keep an eye on it, because he likes it but he is not like this. Someone may have known you. Just like to keep an eye on what's happening here. Do not let them run.

And there are classic methods. Going on your list will keep the alphabetical sequences and remove some others.

Some people can not be found once they have opened ID two or three years later. Within a few years, there was no post. Remove them.

There are some IDs that have shifted to new IDs that have lost their password. In this case, keep active ID and leave the old one.

Some IDs have been deactivated for a long time. Consider, decide whether to retire or not.

Before unfriending, see if you talked with him in the inbox. Once you check the inbox, sometimes it may seem- hey, he was talking about that ... while I was unknowingly pulling it out of the list. If you've ever talked to the inbox, you'll get a plus point when you're on the list. However, it does not end. By the type of speech you can understand that if it is good or not, then it is good.

Think about your own area, your school / college / university, and someone else in your work field, before screwing it away.

Sometimes you can see something horrible for yourself. Do not just stitch them, just block them.

If you see anonymity in the ID, or posting something silly, then do not hesitate to send it to the list. For example, some people who share hatred towards women, spread falsehoods, or spread provocative photoshop, have a lot of public shareholders without any scrutiny.

More such helps will make your friendlist very short.

Keep in mind that you can read such conflicts. In this case, it is to say that his personality is expressed through a person's cover photo, short bio, favorite quote etc. If there is nothing satisfactory in it, then there is no need to keep it. Exclude it.

Keep this in mind, even if a person is indispensable to you, you are required by that person. If you can imagine such a thing, then consider him.