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How Robot Sophia Works with Artificial Intelligence?

How Robot Sophia Works with Artificial Intelligence? 

Robot Sophia is the world's first robot citizen. The government of Saudi Arabia honors her by citizenship. Sophia is made by Han Robotics. Devid Hanson, CEO of Hanson Robotics designed this robot. He says that Sophia is a social robot that uses artificial intelligence, sees people, understands environment and responses depends on it.

Sophia is similar to the AI Powered robots of film who can make jokes, facial expressions and understand what's are happening. Though Hanson robotics or Facebook AI team try to build such artificial intelligence that can work like human but none of them can do till now.

CTO of Hanson Robotics and architect of Sophia's Brain Ben Goertzel says that actually Sophia is a sophisticated mesh of robotics and chatbot software. Sophia doesn't have any human like intelligence to make witty response.

Sophia is more than a general user interface that means it can be programmed to run different code for different situations. Actually Sophia has 3 configuration parts named research platform, speech reciting robot and robotic chatbot. The first part help to answer some simple questions immediately. The second part works with machine learning, it matches facial expressions and recognizes text, pauses text and pre-load the future text which will be spoken. The third part runs like a dialogue system. It helps to look at front people, listen to them and select pre-loaded speeches from memory to give response. 

Goertzel also says that Sophia doesn't understand everything what she is saying! 

Previously, Siri was the most popular dialogue based AI and actually it was a chatbot with a little bit of contextual understanding. 

Sophia has many human like components working together and it is one of the biggest contribution. 

Though some people says that Sophia is not as intelligent as a citizen but it really will be an epoch making event for future robotics inventions.