Facebook Poke is returning back! ~ Ofuran

Facebook Poke is returning back!

Facebook Poke is returning back! 

For almost ten years, Facebook has an option- 'poke'. Poke, that means quirk. However, most of the Facebook users do not know why exactly this is the poke option.

At present the 'Poke' feature is available in very limited area, according to the International Press 'The Nation'. Britain, Thailand, Australia, Canada, Colombia and France - For some of these countries, the trials are currently being run by Poke.

In fact, on the 10-year birth anniversary of Poke, Facebook is also known to have come with some more 'Greetings'- Hi-Five, Hag, Wink-will be added with Poke. The wave feature has started several days ago.

If you place the cursor after the 'hello' button on the profile, the other features including 'poke' will be seen after a few days. The exact purpose of this poke was never told by Facebook. 'We made it without any other purpose' - the organization told the international press 'The Guardian'

But, this idea is not the same. So, some other features have been linked to the poke.