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All first things on the Internet

All first things on the Internet

As a child, we have all read the basic needs of people - food, clothing, housing, medical, education. Another thing that has been added in the period of time - Internet! Without the Internet or the Internet, now it can not even think of living, the lion's share of the people of the world. Internet popularity in Bangladesh is sky-rocket. Although the Internet is still a new concept for many of our countries.

The interesting thing is the age of the internet but fifty is going to touch! In the last twenty years, the world has spread to more than 210 countries, the whole world has tied up with one thread, the distance has been spared. Today we will know about the first half of the Internet, the amazingly amazing journey, the first ever e-mail, the first YouTube video, the first multiplayer game, the first cyber café!

First e-mail (1971)

The e-mails that have been written for handwritten messages have never happened. People who are not e-mail accounts can rarely be found at this time. E-mail is so popular that it has been estimated that more than 24 million e-mails are run per second in the world, and the number goes up to 74 trillion in the year!

But you know what was the first e-mail sent in history? During our independence war, in 1971! Computer Engineer Ray Tomlinson was working with a time sharing system called Tienx.

He used to call CYPNET and SNDMSG together by sending network e-mails for the first time! Prior to that, only one user could send e-mails from one user to another, but Ray was able to send network e-mail from one computer to another computer first. It is a new horizon of IT revolution.

First Computer Virus (1971)

All disciplines have two aspects. When scientists are making relentless research on how to make the Internet more useful for the welfare of human beings, a new idea came to the mind of mathematician John von Neumann - as the virus attacks the human body, what if the virus can be created!

Think of that work - in 1949, he created a theory called Virus and Worms - a program that could randomly make computer programs shuffle! With his theory, in 1971, BBN company Bob Thomas became the world's first computer virus - Creeper! It attacked a computer named Arpanet in 1971.

Of course, Creeper was not created for any harmful purpose. Creeper attacked the computer just because "I'm the creeper: catch me if you can!" The world's first antivirus - The Reaper! He could find out the computer system everywhere and remove the Creeper virus.

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First online community (1985)

To spend time using many online communities, the first online community was formed but with a very important aim - to send helicopter assistance to the flood-hit areas in Nepal.

In 1981. Larry Brilliant wondered how to use the Internet to help with disaster-prone people. He made a draft of his plan and showed Steve Jobs. After the advice of Steve Jobs in 1985. Larry and Sturred Brand formed the world's first online forum, The Well.

First search engine (1991)

The word "search engine" comes first to the head of Google's name. Without Google, the Internet can not even be thought of. But the first search engine was born long before Google. In 1989, computer scientist Alan Emtage was given the position of the system administrator of the University while studying at Master's degree in McGill University.

While working, he found that looking for software on the internet for students is a terrible annoying job! He thought to create something that would be easy to find any information. From that thought, he created a script set that could easily find information from the system's database on its own.

When this story of his wonderful discovery spread around, two other friend scientist came forward - Mike Parker and Bill Heelan. They created three of the world's first online search engine - Archie in 1991. Search engine search for searching from the archive, so the word 'v' is the name of the name except Archie!

First Web Browser (1991)

Now all of us who use the WorldWideWeb are the world's first browser, Team Burner Lee created it in 1991.

He created the browser for the European company Cern's nuclear recharge. That could only be run at Nextstep. But when the WorldWideWeb browser was not public access to the NextStep form, it was not made for everyone to use.

In 1993, the problem was solved. The first publicly accessible web browser for UNIX operating system, Mosaic, is released .

First webcam (1993)

The world's first webcam system was called "XCoffee" in 1991. The story behind the creation of XCoffee is quite funny! There were a number of coffee machines in the computer lab at Cambridge University. But for coffee to be seen most of the time the machine was empty! Student teachers came back to the coffee machine and were frustrated.

Concerned with the difficulties of coffee, Cambridge scientists found a new solution. They put an old camera in front of the coffee machine and created a program by connecting it to the computer - through which the live pictures of the coffee machines of the lab were opened! As a result everyone sitting in the room could know if there is coffee or not in the machine!

First Cyber Cafe (1994)

The first Cyber Cafe name in the world, Siberia, was opened in Britain on the ground floor of Britain's Whitefield Agency office in 1994. The ordinary people were still not used to internet usage.

The first social networking site of the world was born on Facebook, ten years ago

But over time, the popularity of cyber cafes continued to grow, and owners of the cyber cafe could understand the mooka and open the branch office in the cities of Paris, Bangkok, Tokyo etc. If you want to use the Internet in Siberia cyber cafe, then it would be worth 150 dollars!

First Social Networking Site (1995)

People who have not heard the name of Facebook are rare But the world's first social networking site was born ten years ago on Facebook. In 1995, Randy Conrads created His main purpose was to find out all the children of childhood childhood school friends on the Internet.

First YouTube Video (2005)

We have a lot of great pride with YouTube. Youtube co-founder is a scientist of Bangladesh! The first video uploaded to him in YouTube's history. The Bangladeshi young man named Jawed Karim held the 18-second video in front of the elephants in San Diego Zoo on April 23, 2005, then the history! You can go to this link and take it to the video

First Facebook Profile

Who is the first profile of Facebook? Which again? Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg! In fact, before opening his profile, three more profiles were opened, but because of the experimental results, the credibility of the first profile goes to Zakerbarg! That profile was to see the page.