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Age does not become barrier to success

Age does not become barrier to success

Success is the most desirable objects of each person. At the shortest time we want to achieve success. Seeing the success in a young age, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg or the 12-year-old IBM Watson programmer, Tanma Bacci, from many people we find inspiration, thinking that "what do I do in life?" where many people sink into frustration ocean.

But in the world, such a young man has succeeded as well, there are many people who have achieved success after spending a lot of life. There was no issue of age in front of their strong willingness.

Stan Lee:
The superhero is what our creator Stan Lee is about to flutter in front of our eyes. The character of his spiderman, X-Man, has kept Marvel Comics in the last half-century, at the top of the comic world. Not just comics, Marvel's films have been ruling Hollywood's screen over the past few years.

Fans of Iron-Man, Captain America or the Guardian of the Galaxy are now small and big-looking viewers of all ages. The former chairman of the Marvel Comics has long had to wait for success. His first successful comic "Fantastic Four" was released just before his 39th birthday.

Henry Ford:
Henry Ford, one of the most important industry entrepreneurs in the history of the world. He was the founder of Ford Motor Limited, one of the largest automakers in the world. Ford did not have a stumbling block on the realization of his dream company. But they could not stop him.

Finally, in 1908, at the age of 45, he introduced the world to the famous Ford Model T, which revolutionized the world's travel and carriage industry.

Taikyiro Mori:
The fiery example of something new that can be started at any age is that of Taikichiro Mori. He was a lecturer until he was 51. Then he founded "Mori Building Company". Which later became one of the biggest real estate companies in Japan and as a result, in 1992, Mori became the richest person in the world.

Charles Darwin:
In the world of science Charles Darwin is remembered for his "theory of evolution". That is why he was called "Father of Evolution". In the book "On the Origin of Species", he first mentioned the theory of change in the human world. When the book was published in 1859, Darwin then crossed the half-century of life.

Harland Sanders:
Harland Sanders or Colonel Sanders are immortalized for his "Kentucky Fried Chicken" or "KFC" franchisee. The world's largest food chain KFC has nearly 20,000 outlets, in more than 123 countries around the world.

This man's whole life was filled with failure. He even wanted to immerse himself in despair. Finally, at the age of 62 in 1952, he started the "Kentucky Fried Chicken" franchisee. The rest is history!

These people never thought of the failure of life "life has ended." Never try to make new efforts in life. That is why in the life of their success the sun has met, after the long new moon day.

Japanese is a proverb - "Fall down seven times, get up eight times". Our life is really big. At any time, at any age, you can turn around in any circumstances. Just believe in yourself. Many good luck!