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10 great services of Google Keep!

10 great services of Google Keep!

We are all familiar with Google's name. There is no alternative to Google for any information. Google has many types of services. One of the services is Google Keep. Almost everything, including any important information, accounts, routines, hand notes, can be retained by this service. In particular, this service is very effective for students. Let's learn how to use Google Kip

1. Time Management and To-do-list:

The most important thing in student life is Time Management. That is to finish all the work on time. And we have a lot of trouble with this issue. This task of Time Management makes it very easy for Google Kip. Here, any assignment can be tracked and accordingly, reminder can be set. As a result, any work can be easily completed within a certain time.

2. Bookmarking:

Any Google website can be bookmarked in Google Keep and it is saved on Google Notepad. Through this, a student can easily save any website, tutorials and important documents here.

3. Project Management:

We all project more and less. And Varsity Life Project is a daily companion. This project will help Google Kip Google Keep can keep track of any project. Which allows students or teachers to monitor easily. It can be updated every day by using Google Kip.

4. Class Note:

Classnotes are often good suggestions. Through Google Kip, a student can easily write class notes on a subject-matter basis. Sharing these notes can help others too.

5. Genius Hour:

Any idea, research or picture can be saved through Google Kip. This project is very easy to do.

6. Learning Goal:

The first condition of success is to determine the goal. There are some goals or courses outlined at the beginning of each course. These can be kept in Google Keep. At the end of the course, how many goals were achieved.

Any book's content, title, page number can be written in Google Keep

7. Research Note:

Can be used as a Google Keep digital notecard. There is no such thing as bookmarking, but it is here that all the notes are added or updated. These topics are very important for research. So Google's role in research notes is undeniable.

8. Readings log:

A nice reading log that could become Google Kip What you read, how much you've read or until you have read everything there will be in Google Kip In other words, a book's title, title, page number can be written in Google Keep.

9. Daily work:

If everyday tasks can be kept in notes, then the tasks are much easier. There is no possibility of any work to be excluded. There is also a connotation about what works. Google Keep will help you keep a note of job listings.

10. Journalism:

Every day we learn a lot of things. One note that can be written here is written here. Not only this, these notes can also be shared with others.