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What to do if smartphone falls into the water

What to do if smartphone falls into the water

If your smartphone falls into water, you can follow the steps below.

1. Take the phone off the water quickly and switch off. With the smartphone, the USB cable, charger, microphone connecting the small port of the water can cause damage to the phone. So quickly get the phone out of the water. Then switch off the phone to avoid short circuits.

2. Take out the phone from the water and open the battery cover and battery and keep it on paper towels or soft clothes.

3. Keep the SIM card open. Although there is no harm to the SIM card in the water, it is also good to open it. After opening, delete it lightly. Dry the phone again.

4. Remove other accessories (such as memory card, earbud, phone case, protective cover) on the phone.

5. Keep the vacuum cleaner dry for remaining twenty minutes along with the wet parts of the phone. Note that the vacuum cleaner is not too close to the phone. Because it produces static electricity, which is more harmful than water for the phone.

6. Do not use hair dryer to dry the phone.

7. Use any substance that absorbs moisture. In this case, you can keep the phone in the packet bag or bucket all night. Hourly phone will have to be reversed. There are some special moisture absorbent substances, which can absorb moisture better than rice, for example - silica gel.

8. Put the phone on a towel, napkin or paper in a sunny place. This will remove all the water and moisture from the phone.

9. After crossing twenty four hours, check out all the ports, compartments and fine-tuning of the phone, whether there is any water or dirty lag.

10. If the phone does not work even after drying, then connect the phone to the charger while the battery is open.

Even if your phone does not work then you should take it to the nearest approved customer service/sales center.