PEC and Ebtedayee Examination Result 2017 - Routine & Seat Plan ~ Ofuran

PEC and Ebtedayee Examination Result 2017 - Routine & Seat Plan

PEC and Ebtedayee Examination Result 2017 - Routine & Seat Plan

PEC and Ebtedayee Examination result has been published today.

The current year's Primary Education Completeion - PEC  and Ebtedayee examinations began on Sunday (November 19th, 2017). Examination of all subjects took place from 11 am to 1:30 pm on the first day of the week.

About 7,267 exam countries exam centres and 12 foreign exam centres were engaged for completing PEC and Ebtedayee examinations till November 26, 2017. 

According to the primary and mass education ministry, in this year, 30 lakh 96 thousand 75 people participating in the primary PEC and Ebtedayee education concluding examinations. In this, 28 lakh 4 thousand 509 in the primary education completion - PEC and two lakh 91 thousand 566 people in Ibtadey.

Last year, 32 lakh 30 thousand 288 people took part. As a result, the number of examine es decreased to 1 lakh 34 thousand 213 people. In the country 7,267 and 12 centers outside the country, these candidates will take part.

Among the candidates who took part in the initial closing examination, 12 lakh 99 thousand 985 students and 15 lakh four thousand 524 students. Now, the number of students is 2,04,539 more than the student. Apart from this, among the candidates of Ibtadei, 1 lakh 53 thousand 152 students and 1 lakh 38 thousand 414 students. In this test, 8 thousand 149 people have dropped.

At present, 2,953 students of the primary education closing examination and 379 in I-Teddyi have special needs candidates. They will get 20 minutes more than the specified time.

In the meantime, the Officer-in-charge of the examination center will supply the question papers five minutes before the start of the examination and at present no mobile can be used in the examination center, Primary and Mass Education Ministry sources said.

Primary and Mass Education Minister Mustafizur Rahman said at a press conference in the Secretariat on Wednesday, the government has been examining the eight-and-a-half-yearly examinations of 64 districts in eight eight districts from last year to check the leak of the question papers, and the government has been examining the completion of primary and Ebtedayee education. Zero tolerance policy will be adopted in case of negligence or irregularities in performing the duties of the examination.