Many things to learn from foreigners! ~ Ofuran

Many things to learn from foreigners!

Many things to learn from foreigners!

If someone from outside country travels in Bangladesh can not forget the hospitality of Bangladeshi people. Many people can not praise Bangladesh's discrimination when they return to their own country. Bangladesh teaches homelessness and discrimination to people of other countries, as well as our Bangladeshi people also have much to learn from other countries.

Let us know, we can make our behavior more prosperous by acquiring virtues of any kind of foreigners.

1. Canadians know the advocates of the streets:
Imagine a road in Bangladesh, what is the glow in your sight? People are dirty, somebody lifted the motorbike on the sidewalk, people were shouting at the traffic congestion, and once again, the two started fighting one stage in the fight!

In Canada, the entire opposite scene is visible. Canadians are very aware of the road users. They will never do something that is the problem of people around them or the people around them are annoyed.

Even when they are suddenly seen on the street, they do not start to tell someone a story. Even if someone does this, the other people never say irreverence, instead of saying "call to home" or "let's eat coffee somewhere else," come out with such courtesy talk. Canadians' movement is also very peaceful.

2. "Store of Honesty" in Japan:
In Japanese schools, there is no test until the fourth grade. Then they learn different types of practices. As a part of learning this habit, Japanese schools have "Store of Honesty" where there are no vendors, or any CC cameras. The students are the only conscience, after buying something from them, they pay the price, and today there is no tussle in the shops.

At present, such shops have been opened in different schools and ACCs in Bangladesh, named "Integrity Store". It is heartening to note that these shops in Bangladesh like Japan have not been seen as yet.

3. Spanish positivism:
Every year in Spain, on June 23, "Night of St." John "is celebrated. Where they bonefire to eliminate all previous negativity, they burned old stuff, old paper, and burned it. This way they start a new day. Burning in the fire is not mandatory, but forgetting old ones, we can start new ones like the Spanish!

They learn a lot about the things around them, people

4. Arabian's sincerity and luminosity:
As we read in the upper-middle English For Today, the Arabs are very friendly as a nation. They love to make new friends, and they also behave like strangers with an old friend. They like to know new things. Not that they have a lot of education, but they learn a lot about things around them, people see them.

They also travel much in hopes of finding new things. The most positive thing is that they love everything about themselves and themselves, and they are very satisfied and happy with what they have in their lives.

5. Americans are very realistic and self-reliant:
Americans are not satisfied with the written text of the book, but they apply what they read in real life because of which they are much ahead of other countries in discovering new things. Even the most affordable book in America is how to do any work.

Any old American is self-reliant. They love to do their own work themselves and most Americans become economically independent at the very young age. They are optimistic and are not envious of the success of their countrymen.

Of course, there are many things to learn from our own country, people around us, but there are many things to learn. That is why the poet said, "I am a student of universal school, I am a student of all".