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Know some simple techniques to increase memory power

Know some simple techniques to increase memory power

Every moment of life we learn a lot. But what we learn, we rarely remember him. If we calculate, we can not even remember 10 percent of our own acquired knowledge. but why? The reason is that our brain mainly stores certain amount of information. And new information is stored in the brain as temporary memories.

When these temporary memories are repeated over and over again, it is transformed into a chronic membrane in the brain. So if we do not repeat new learning material we forget it.

Well, with this forgotten or not, can there be any relation between mathematics or mathematics? Is it possible to explain the tendency to forget to be mathematical? In 1885 a German scientist Hermann Ebbinghaus founded a formula. He thinks it is possible to interpret the tendency of people to forget mathematically. Based on this concept he provided the formula. The formula is:

R = e - t / s

Here, R = brain holding capacity

T = time

S = Relative energy of memory

He published the formula through a chart, which is known as Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve.

According to this graph, when we learn a new thing, at that moment we have to remember the whole 100% after learning. But after 20 minutes, it only remembers 58%. Thus, after 6 days, only 25% remember. Most of the rest of the things do not remember. Because, these were stored in the brain as passing memories.

To keep things in mind for a long time, it has to be kept in the brain as a chronic memory. If you try to remember something with force, it is easy to forget. Because the brain takes some time to convert any information into memory. To remember, the normal functioning of the brain is interrupted.

It can be kept in mind by making stories like yourself, learning things

So whatever we learn, we have to repeat it. As a result, it will be converted into chronic memories in the brain. The period in which it is repeated is called "memory time". The more "memory-period", the more information we can remember.

Some ways to increase the "memory time":

1. Learning with understanding:
If you learn to understand things, remembering it is 9 times more than memorizing.

2. Priority of the main topics :
The first thing to remember is to learn more. This is called serial position effect. So the important thing is to learn first.

3. Record main topics:
"Memorization Period" increases if you keep listening to things you have learned and after several times. As a result, I remember this for a long time.

4. Learning something as the story:
It can be kept in mind by making stories like yourself, learning things.

5. Mind Palace:
One of the easiest ways to remember it. Some time after learning something, think of it yourself. Check out how much you remember. Forget forgotten again, Mind Palace is the only one to learn. Mind Palace is quite useful to increase the "memory time".

If there is no effort and will, then there will be no way out. So by applying these methods in your own will only increase the memory, you will become the best of the best!