Inauguration of Bengali Google AdSense on 4th December 2017 ~ Ofuran

Inauguration of Bengali Google AdSense on 4th December 2017

Inauguration of Bengali Google AdSense on 4th December, 2017

The popular search engine Google's ad network 'Google Adsense' has been added to 'Bangla Language'. Since September 26, 2017. Google has added Bangla language to their network. Google will open its formal inauguration in Bangla Google Adsense on December 4, 2017.

Beginning in the year 2003, after the starting of Google AdSense, Bangla language websites were lagging behind Google advertisements. But Bangladesh is now benefiting from the introduction of adsense in Bengali language sites.

It is learned that Google will launch the AdSense in Bangla in a five-star hotel on December 4 (Monday).
The use of Bengali language has increased greatly in different countries of Bangladesh, including India. Google's adsense has launched considering ooverall these things.

Google Adsense is being used on nearly 15 million websites in all over the world. With the introduction of AdSense in Bangla, this new dimension has been added with this. Google Adsense has already been launched in Bangladesh and India on various websites.