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Google search - 10 very Interesting Things of Google Search

Google search - 10 very Interesting Things of Google Search

Google is the most popular search engine in the world that nothing to say. Every second, people across the world search Google for more than forty thousand times; Thirty and a half million times in a day!

So just to find work information, Google will not have to go. Google's programmers have created some interesting keywords, which will be interesting and interesting when you search by typing! They are called 'Easter Egg'. Come on, let's take a look at 10 interesting Easter Eggs.

Zerg rush

By "Zerg rush" writing a google search will be surprised you! Your search page will attack many small English 'O' characters, attacking the team and all your search results will be fired/vanished!

If you want to survive in this situation, you will also have to fight in the war, making a cursor in the mouse with a smoldering attack on 'O' forces, they will have to crush them! A very interesting game of Google, this Zerg rush, a fair deal of matching pairs of clean entertainment.

Atari Breakout

After reading 'atari breakout', search the Google image and see, the pictures will change with a fun game like 'Brick Breaker'! Your job will be to destroy all the pictures that come in search results! A lot of fun games in this atari breakout. The game was originally designed to honor the old-fashioned gaming console Atari.

Flip a coin

If ever you decide to go to the wrong place to decide, or who will bat before the ball in the game, but if you want to do it, you can toss it to Google! The option to toss the flip a coin will be available. Seeking a real toss, looking for coins will not let these troubles go in trouble.

Do a barrel roll / z or r twice

It's an Easter Egg at the very beginning. If you search Google by typing 'Do a Barrel Roll' or 'z or r twice', then the search results page will turn 360 degrees and reach the previous place! That means the page will eat a whip! This is a surprise, but there is a reason behind this.

In the 90's, the popular game console game of Nintendo's 'Starfox' game, if someone is playing, it can easily be caught! The player had to rotate the Z and R button twice by dubbing the player. Google's programmers have to pay tribute to those far-past games!


If you search Google by typing it on the search results like a normal search result. But one can see that there is a slight difference between the general results, on the search page! The word 'blink' in the entire page will be blinking as it really is.

Google in 1998

Google was born in 1998, with the help of only twenty-five employees. Then, in the course of time, Google has become a superstar. Continually cutting and grasamajaya khalalalacha much change!

Google is not just a search engine, but it is somehow philosophical

If someone is curious to see how Google was at the beginning, then search Google 'google in 1998'. Google will soon take you to the 1998 Google homepage on the eve!

Roll a dice

Recently, the Ludo Star game has gained huge popularity in our country. In such a way, Ludo is a popular practice in our country to spend time. But if you lose the sixfold when playing Ludo? There is no problem, Google will solve the problem of chucka to toss coins! Roll by a dice search Google will bring you a six, starting with Ludo game, which you can be happy!


The word means to be tilted on one side. If you search Google by asking Askew, you will be able to understand it directly, because the search results will actually be tilted on one side!

Google Gravity

I will not say anything about it. Take a look at the following link, you have fun! If the Google page was under the gravitational power, could the Google logo be hanged in the middle of the homepages? Or all of the slopes collapsed on the ground! Take a look at the many interesting Kandakarkhana from this link.


Google is not just a search engine, it is somehow a philosopher! Do you think you are doing a search but you can not find the results. You can see a circle in this link, it is moving around with charming attraction.

According to Google, this circle is made with a special algorithm, and if you look closely at it, you will get the desired result very quickly! So do not hesitate to come back from the link.

This is actually a joke of Google. In reality, looking at the circle will be nothing but a foolish work!