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Deleted WhatsApp messages is possible to see from now

Deleted Whats App messages is possible to see from now

Whats App released the new feature to remove unwanted sent text message. This feature was quite a favorite to some users, but this time is end of the day to feel secure much.

Because if you want to see deleted message then the users  will see it too.

The error message on Whats App is 'Delete for Everyone', but it still remains on the device. And it is possible to see the deleted message again.

For this you have to download the 'Notification History' app in Google Play Store. After downloading this app, users will see the message 'Delete' in the Android notification log.

However, the first 100 characters of this message will be visible from this app. The notification log will be completely deleted once the phone is restarted.

This feature is only available on Android 7.0 and above. It is possible to get the only text message back through this app.

But it does not work for video, audio or picture messages.