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What will happen if you less sleep?

What will happen if you less sleep?

There is no alternative option of sleep to stay physically and mentally fit and healthy. Sleeping is a blessing in human life. But this sleeping is often neglected. By working day-to-day, we do not give much importance to sleep. So we have to face various physical problems. 

In 2011, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention made a survey that 25 percent of Americans could not sleep properly.As a result, this sleep is converted into insomnia. A healthy person needs to sleep for 8 hours, because of less sleeping, many serious diseases can attack our body. Take a look at what could be happen due to less sleeping.

1. Diabetes

Insufficient sleep makes the risk of diabetes and it enhances the desire to eat sugar and junk food. To overcome the tiredness, which is caused by inadequate sleep, makes interest to take carbohydrated foods highly and thus increases the blood sugar levels.

2. Cancer risk

Insufficient sleep increases the tendency of breast cancer. In 2010, 1240 people were attacked by colon cancer, 338 of them was for less sleeping than 6 hours in a day.

3. Bone problems

Less sleeping reduces the bone strength. As a result, the the bones becomes weak gradually and can break down easily by minor injuries. At the same time pain may start at the bone concussion highly.

4. The possibility of stroke

In 2012, a survey found that without family history or any other reason, you may have a stroke due to lack of sleep only. During sleep, various parts of our body recover and fresh themselves. Malicious toxins leave from the body. So insufficient sleep becomes a major cause of stroke or heart attack.

5. Memory loss

The brains of less sleepy people do not work properly. They can not mind any work easily. Even they loss their memory day by day..

6. Urine problem

You will feel urine speed but can not urinate. These embarrassing problems may be occur due to less sleep.

7. Frustration

Sleep keeps our mind calm and quiet and keeps away anxiety. Less sleep creates cortisol like materials that makes the mind more stressful and depressed too.

8. Weight gain

Different studies and surveys have shown that sleep and weight gain are related with each other. Those who sleep less than 6 hours van keep an average BMI (Body Mass Index). Again, less sleeping increases interest to take junk foods increases and fast foods, which increases your weight faster.