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Top 10 discoveries in 2019 around the World!

Top 10 discoveries in 2019 around the world !

360-degree selfie

In 2013, Oxford Dictionary Dictionary selected "Selfie" as the best word ! Every day, more than one million people take selfies worldwide! This is the era of huge popularity of selfie. The new trend is coming with the new 360-degree selfie. 

Reinforcement Learning

There are much talking about power of Artificial Intelligence in the world of science today. A surprising incident happened a few days ago that Facebook has created an artificial intelligence "AI". 

Practical Quantum Computer

With going outside of 0, 1 based digital or analog system, "Quantum Bits" can be made and  this will be a very powerful power machine. 

Reversing Paralysis

Paralysis is known as a disease of horror. Everybody fear about the body when cause a problem. If The brain's "spinal cord" is damaged and loss of the ability to function in any part of the body, known as paralysis. Paralysis suffering patients lose control of the affected areas, because the brain can not reach the signal through neurons, so that part of the body gets crippled for life!

Self Driving Cars

All of us know about the cars that these can run on their own. It may seem like a driver-less truck! But there is a great difference in non-driving cars and unmanned truck technology. Cars are essentially used for personal needs.

Face Pay

In the advanced world, we often do direct money transactions. Smart payments have been introduced in many places in the world. The purpose of smart payments is to make this transactions easier with the help of technology.

Gene Therapy 2.0

A more advanced method of technology is called gene therapy 2.0. This technology will be used in the treatment of various genetic or hereditary diseases and in the treatment of genetic disorders. Scientists believe that it will be able to cure heart diseases and cancer like diseases easily.

The Cell Atlas

From the beginning of creation people asked, "Who am I? How to make Where did you come from? "

Although there are various interpretations in different scriptures, science has always been searching for it. The Cell Atlas is basically no invention of technology, it is a biological project. The purpose of this project is to discover what is made by humans and find out the existence of mankind.

Botnet Of Things

The offline form of the Internet of Things is known as Botnet Off Things. One of the biggest problems of the Internet of Things is that hackers may attack many times over the network. Botnet has been created to prevent digital attack. It will work according to the information you downloaded previously, not directly connected to the network. So, there will be no risk of attack in the internet.

Hot Solar Cell

Power from solar power is a very popular technology. But a large size solar panel is required to produce the required huge amount of electricity, so the procedure is quite expensive. Moreover, it is difficult to rely on solar power in our country's "sunshine, in the this rainy "climate!

Hot Solar Panel will solve these problems. Recently discovered this hot solar cell produces electricity by transforming the heat into a light bulb just like a normal solar panel. But this technology, which is capable of producing small power in size and producing a lot of power comparing the ordinary solar panel, has already been discovered.