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Inauguration of PayPal Xoom service in Bangladesh

Inauguration of PayPal's Xoom service in Bangladesh

PayPal's Xoom service, an online platform for worldwide money transfer, is launched in Bangladesh by ending all speculation and expectations.

Our Prime Minister's Information Technology Advisor Sajeeb Wazed Joy inaugurated this service in the morning on the second day of Bangladesh ICT Exposure at Bangabandhu International Conference Center on Thursday.

Sajeeb Wazed Joy said, "Sooner expatriates were sending their hard earned money to different channels in the country. As the cost of such a penny is high. With the introduction of PayPal's zoom service, they can easily send money from PayPal account from 40 minutes to two hours in Bangladesh.

He also said, "Initially, money from abroad can be sent abroad through PayPal's Xoom service. I personally pledged to introduce PayPal's service to the freelancers. Today the service is inaugurated. Although this service has already started.

President of the program Junaid Ahmed Palak said, the expatriates of the US can send their money through the eight branches of the Sonali Bank from their PayPal account. This is the first step of our success. '

Fazle Kabir, governor of Bangladesh Bank, said, "PayPal's Xoom service was inaugurated today in the country. Through this, expatriates can send money in the country at low cost. At the same time, freelancers will be able to bring their money to the country.

Imran Ahmed, Chairman of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Postal and Telecommunication, said that many days of the freelancers were sought for Pepal. Today, PayPal's Xoom service has been introduced. This will increase remittance in the country.

Assistant Secretary Subir Kishore Chowdhury said 13 thousand youths have been trained in freelancing training from the Government's Learning and Arining Project. Among them, 8,000 youths are working in different marketplaces. PayPal's Xoom service was introduced to bring this freelancer's money to the country easily.

At the beginning, it was announced that at the beginning, sending less than $1,000 less than $4.99 would cost the cost. But if you send more than a thousand dollars to Bangladesh, you will not have to pay any costs.