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How to run app without installing from Play Store

How to run app without installing from Play Store

Google is going to make big changes in the App Marketplace-Play Store. Now you do not have to install the app, and if you do not need to install it on mobile. Before that can be seen in the App. Many types of apps can be known without installing, come Google's new trial option.

In the past year, Google's IO Developer Conference brought the new features of Android Instant Apps to the public. Google has brought mobile world closer with native applications.

And like this closeness to android play store will be a new trial option. In some cases, certain parts of certain apps will be transferred to customer's Android devices.

As a result, without the download or installation process, customers can get an idea about that app. Normally the mobile data expenditure escapes. However, the trial of the Play Store has not yet fully saturated.

Instant apps can be launched by tapping url. No need to download like other apps. For this, the app developers have to put a little extra. Part of part of the app is partitioned, it should be arranged in a few seconds to run it. Google IO 2017 has been recently given this backend technology.

There are more changes in the Google Play Store. Keeping Editors' Choice section. Which will be live in 17 countries. Getting a separate home for new trailers and screenshots. Premium and New sections will be kept for the Ped and Upcoming Games.

For now, there are a few apps under Trio NOW. But the more numbers will be increased. As a result, there is no reason to spend mobile phones and data now. Before the subscriber can take a look at whether the app will be able to use it at all.