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How to clean a camera sensor

The techniques to clean the camera sensor and How to clean the camera sensor?

There is a possibility of entering dust in camera while switching DSLR camera lenses. Cleaning the camera sensor is a very complex and time-consuming task in any photographer's life. It is very important to keep the camera sensor clean. Otherwise all black images can be seen in the picture. So let's see how to clean the camera sensor.

Using Auto Clean Feature

Many DSLR cameras have automatic sensor clean options. Using this option, using the micro-vibrator, the camera remove dust from the sensor. If you do not have this option on your camera, you can remove the camera dust in another way.

Before cleaning the camera by hand, take a look at whether you have all these things. Lint Free Cleaning Swab, which is made for your camera sensor. Camera Sensor Clearing Solution Air Blower.

How to clean the camera sensor?

Step 1- Find out the option to clean sensor in your camera.

Step 2- Selecting this mode will lock your camera's mirror and the sensor will be visible.

Step 3- Then blow air in the camera sensor. Keep in mind that Blair's head does not touch the camera sensor. Shake the dust of the sensor in this way.

Step 4- Then swipe it over the sensor with two drops of solution on the spine.

Step 5- Then set up the lens and start the picture.