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Facebook Account deleted automatically after Death

How to delete Facebook Account deleted automatically after your death or give a right to other for manage or delete your Facebook account? 

Facebook added an option for users that the user can add a person like a bank account nominee for managing or operating or deleting his Facebook Account after his death. This feature is really interesting for many Facebook users especially for business purposes. In this post, I'm showing you every steps to set up this feature of Facebook.

Step 1: Go to "Settings" and click this button

Step 2: Here you will find "General Account Settings" and look below, you will find "Manage Account". 

Here, you will click "Edit". If you want to download a copy of your Facebook Data then click "Download a copy" button.

Step 3: In this page look below and find "Manage Account" portion. 

Here, you will find "Request account deletion" button and click on this.

Step 4: After that, a dialog box will open "Delete Your Account in the future". Here click "Delete After Death".

Step 5: Then you will find a input box, whom you want to give power to manage your Facebook account. Type the name of your Nominee / Friends / Person in the input box and select the name. Note that your typed name should be in your Friend List in your FB friend. 

Step 6: You are almost done. Click "Ok / Save" button. 

Thus you can give the managing power of your Facebook account to others after your death.