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Death Killer Games - Blue Whale Game Download

Death Killer Games -  Blue Whale Game Download 

Death Killer Games "Blue Whale" !!

At opening of the Blue Whale 'game an admin will only start you managing and you will be asked - 'You can not get out of it any time after you start playing this game, you may finally die, are you interested for accepting the challenge? 'If you click on' Yes' option in Yes or No option, you will pay the death trap. 

The first ten levels of this game are very interesting. User admin gives some interesting fun instructions - 
-such as sleeping at 3 o'clock in the night, 
-watching photos of the horoscope, 
-walking on the top of the roof, 
-walking to the right side and 
-administering instructions to administer your personal information. 

After passing the first ten levels, you will be made to pass the next 10 levels. Fifteen levels will work to handle your information! After fifteen level you will start giving a tough mission! For example, admin can tell you to paint a blue whale with blades in your hand! After crossing the first twenty challenges, the admin started changing his tactics. You will not find the first 20 steps to collect. 

Depending on your information, you will start using the Mohakros or hypnosis method. You will then think it is impossible for you to survive without this game. You will be asked to walk on a cold day, steal money from your father's pocket, steal a friend's mobile, you will be given a misdeed mission with your favorite friend! Again, you have to send pictures of these proofs or photo admin! In this way, you will be tactically separated from friends and family members and you will reach at twenty-five level! After twenty-five level, instruction will come in drug or drug! This way, you will be taken to thirty levels of mesmerizing. 

Twenty-th level, after you have crossed, the game admin will suddenly start a little bit with you! Do not unlock the level thirty level, you will become crazy! Then some time you suddenly get surprised by admin - say the 31st level unleashed! This nude picture will be asked! Do not worry about your nude photos due to hypnosis and drugs, you will be increasing your drug levels! Then the instructions will come in contact with the people of your love, upload the photos in secret or upload hundreds of hours of needle and upload photos. 

This way you will go to the forty th level! Now you are afraid to ask the gamer team to release you! You will cry, do not try, to uninstall the game! Blackmailing will begin! The gamer team or admin will threaten to leak all the information sent to you, you will be forced to enter the forty-one level! You will be very frustrated and addictive from the forty-nine to the nineteenth level ... .. You will be given the condition of redemption on the level of the fifth! It will be said that if you push the anesthesia drug catamin into your body and send photos to the top of the roof above the ten floor, and make sure you upload it! You can not do it, because the carcasses that are burnt to your body can go to your brain! You will get an instruction on the mobile screen - 'Look at the bottom! Jump, get out! 'You will commit suicide when you get released!

Hopefully, you do not have to face this dying fate with emotion, joke or curiosity. Just start the life. There is still much happiness left to be seen. Do not end your life right now, yourself. Be careful and tell others about its horror. 

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