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Why I should eat Guava - Raw guava for heart patients

Why I should eat Guava? - Raw guava for heart patients

Eating Raw guava for heart patients

Guava is available in the monsoon season but it is also available in the market all year round. Guava is also known as 'Super Fruit' for various nutrients and health benefits. Guavas can also be kept on the daily list for health protection. Pure nutrient value is very high. Especially the amount of vitamin C is so much that the vitamin 'C' is not available for any other reason other than other fruits.

Let's now know about the benefits and benefits of paarera nutrients. Guava is rich in Vitamin 'C'. Vitamin C contains 180 mg in 100 g of para. The fruit is a cold cough diet. Besides, respiratory, throat and lungs protect against bacterial attacks.

Heart patients can eat guava so the heart patients can eat guava. Guava is also rich in Vitamin 'A'. That helps to increase vision. Those who have constipation problems, they can eat a little worm guava. Because the ripe guava is far behind in constipation.

The amount of Vitamin 'C' in guava can prevent body disease by fighting against harmful bacteria and viruses when it is physically infected. Effective bacterial infections or abdominal disorders. This fruit contains the antigens and anti-microbial components which help in stomach health. In addition to keeping the skin well, the skin tilts.

Guava plays an effective role in preventing diseases such as diabetes, cancer, prostate cancer. Guavas could fight against diarrhea. Therefore, due to regular guava, the risk of diarrhea will be reduced. Guava has the ability to fight against bacteria.