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Coffee consumption decreased death by 64 percent

Coffee consumption decreased death by 64 percent

Good news for coffee lovers for more new information about the health effects of coffee drinking. The new study showed that 64 percent of total deaths decreased by coffee consumption.

The researchers presented a study conducted in the middle-aged people of the Mediterranean region in the meeting of the European Heart Association meeting in the last week. This study was conducted on the relationship with the death of coffee drinkers. The study shows that those who have consumed at least four cups of coffee every day have lost 64 percent of their deaths in any trend.

"The Hospital de Nevaror" -  located in Pamplona, Spain. Adele Nevaro said, "Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Previous studies have shown that coffee drinks have the potential ability to reduce the risk of death. However, such a massive study was not conducted in the Mediterranean region."

Under the project of the University of Nevar, about 20,000 people participated in this study. At the beginning of the examination, all the participants have collected information on their daily food habits, so that the researchers can collect the coffee drinkers lifestyle and social, health and ethical information. Then these people's physical condition is observed for up to 10 years. In this period, 337 people died of the 37.7 year olds.

However, those who consume four cups of coffee every day, those who do not drink or drank too much lessen their risk of death likely to be compared to them. Not only those who have consumed more than two cups of coffee over four cups, the risk of death has been reduced by about 22 percent.

The effects of eating habits have not been seen to affect the risk of death. But there was a significant relationship between age-related deaths and people. The effect of coffee drinkers increases with age increases. 45 percent of those who consumed additional two cups of coffee will reduce the risk of death by about 30 percent and this is not the trend to reduce the risk among relatively young people.