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China closes WhatsApp Messaging App

China closes Whats App Messaging App

Previously Facebook has been blocked in most places, now Facebook owned messaging app WhatsApp has been closed in China.

CNN's report said China's Internet service providers have started to stop WhatsApp Service from September 23 in taht country. This information was gathered on Monday night is the Global Observer Network 'Open Energy of Network Interference'.

Some users on Microblogging site 'Twitter' said that they could not use WhatsApp since September 19th, 2017. In the past few months, China has seen a lot of apprehensions in the service of China.

WhatsApp has not yet officially commented on such situation.

China has stopped several internet services, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google many years ago. Now WhatsApp is joining in this list. 

While closing whatsapp, some people in the country were using these services using VPN. But the Chinese government also has taken initiative this year to stop VPN.

Timothy Hath, the senior international security research analyst at Rand Corporation, said that the Chinese government did not like the strong encryption of WhatsApp.

"The government wants to monitor internet communications and that is why they want their citizens to use technology in such way that they can access and watch," Heath told CNN.