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The causes of Flood in Bangladesh

The causes of Flood in Bangladesh 

India has created one of the major reasons for floods in Bangladesh.
India made untimely artificial barrage over the Teesta river and the Ganges. They closed the dam in the dry season, but in the monsoon season, the dams are opened. When there is no water in the Teesta river and Ganges in Bangladesh, they closed the dam. But when floods occur in Bangladesh, when there is too much water in the river, they open the dam and make Bangladesh's flood worse. India shows such behavior to Bangladesh.

In the dry season, when we do not get water, we cannot cultivate the crop due to lack of water, then they keep the gate off the dam, and then regulates the flow of water. But in the dry season, they do not want to give us any water.

When flooding in the rainy season in our home, when the country is flooded, they just open the dam. They have not agreed to make any agreement on the distribution of Teesta water till now. Rather they have done a lot of lying on sharing water. Even after having water, there was no water. They took our country into a more dangerous state in the flood.

                       Teesta Barrage on the Teesta River

                               Farakka Barrage On the Ganges River

We did so much to get Teesta water but got nothing to gain. We are still hoping - one day they will misunderstand. They will give us justification for our fair water. Despite everything India is our friend country We expect them to be the best.

They helped us in the war of 71, so will they absorb us forever?

Other Reasons for flooding in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a developing country; she is trying to be a developed country for many years. But sometimes some natural disasters hit her lands awfully. Many natural disasters exist in Bangladesh. Flood is one of them. Sometimes it comes horribly in the daily life.

Other causes of the flood in Bangladesh:

  • lots of low lying land in Bangladesh
  • lots of melt water from the Himalayas
  • heavy monsoon rains
  • increasing urban areas
  • cyclone causes coastal flooding
  • Deforestation

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