Important Tips for Dhaka University-DU-Admission Test 2017 ~ Ofuran

Important Tips for Dhaka University-DU-Admission Test 2017

Important Tips for Dhaka University-DU-Admission Test 2017

Some important information about the Dhaka University admission test

1. If you are sitting on the university campus, then the examination must be done very carefully.

2. So if you want to get a seat in the outlying (outside) center, then wait a little late, fill the form 3-4 days before the end date.

3. Fill the form carefully. If there is any mistake, it will be a problem.

4. The basic question will come in the test. For this reason, all the sources of the book, the shortcut should be well remembered.

5. Using calculator in the exam is prohibited, so the calculation without calculator should be good, especially the mathematics.

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Dhaka University admission test 2017 suggestion

Analyzing the questions of university admission tests in past years, it has been found that several questions come from prose and poems. In that case, it is necessary to know about the main issues of prose, the identity of prose writer, his literary works, biography etc. So also for poetry. Novel 'Padma Nadir Majhi' or 'drama' Bloody desert 'from parts of the question for parebyakarana language, Bengali language, grammar, words, Repeater, Christmas and Easter, joints, division, number, word contraction, Idioms, prefix, suffix important issues. They need good practice.

In the university admission tests, the emphasis is placed on the grammar in English. In this case, parts of speech, article, tense, voice, narration, correction, right form of verbs, translation, synonyms, antonyms, transformation of sentences, joining sentence, comprehension etc. should be read well. As well as English poets and writers, especially those whose writings are in the HSC syllabus, they should also keep in mind the details of their lives and literary works, writing topics, quotes etc.

high-class chemistry major textbook in the matter of the state, periodic table, chemical calculations, oxidation-reduction, chemical bonds, chemical reactions, symbol, signal, valence, Structural drawings, molecular signal, Rutherford, Bohr's model of the things well to dominate One thing must always be kept in mind that HSC syllabus is not enough to succeed in the admission test.

How to read
To succeed in the admission test, there is no way to avoid any chapter in the book.

Physics textbook First leaves for the preparation of high motion, gravitation and gravity, elasticity, thermal, kinematics, vector and scalar quantity, velocity, acceleration, force, and ball types, levels and in different ways, and to single out habepadartha dbitiyapatra sthirabidyut, Thermal and Chemical Functions of Lightning, Magnetic Materials, Reflection of Reflection, Refractory, Electron, P Roton, paramanusaha electron from each section of important definitions, formulas, facts and reason, impact, difference, to learn to solve math problems. Some questions about the substance are mathematical. That's why the problems of mathematical problems need to be done well. With this, you have to master the ability to speed up mathematical solutions.

Two sections of biology. Botany and Zoology. Important chapter in the textbook on botany, inventor name, definition of requirements, for example, the difference, plant taxonomy, origin, Ka, leaves, tribal identity, carbon synthesis, respiration, transpiration, tissue, tisyutantra habepranibijnana read those parts of the malaria germ, Hydra, body type, art, cell, scientific name of animal, digestion, blood and blood circulation , Recanatantra, pesitantra, reproductive animals, etc. to be read. In this case, it is important to keep in mind, as much as possible the subject matter of each subject should be in your control.

Accounting is one of the key issues of business education. Accounting questions are usually on basic issues. So, if you do well in the admission test, you will need a good occupancy in each branch of accounting. There should be an understanding on the subject of profit and capital of national income-expenditure, property, liability, ownership, various accounting policies, loans, depreciation, savings policy, partnership purchase-sale pricing, share issue, ratio etc. There will be an account in the calculation. They have to be resolved quickly. That's why there is no alternative to practice at home.

Business policies and applications: 
There are some questions in the admission tests from business policies and applications. In order to do good in the admission test of this subject, it is best to know about the nature and nature of business, international trade, nature and nature of management, banking system, currency management, commercial bank policies etc.

General Knowledge:
Two parts of general knowledge. There will be questions about Bangladesh and international affairs. To do well in this section, there must be an eye on national and international events. For this, national daily newspapers will be regularly read and listen to news on BBC, television, radio. In addition, parts of Bangladesh for the country's topography, size, education, economy, society, politics, landmarks, and the name of the architect, administrative structures, movies, celebrity, sports, weather, the Constitution, including the liberation of parts out separately for habeantarjatika Make preparations. International affairs for the UN agency, structures, architecture, architect, the Nobel Prize, the country's most prominent personalities, capital, currency, language, different types of awards such as the Oscars, Pulitzer, Booker, Magsaysay, the world's tallest, longest, smallest, biggest issues, international The deal, the world's renowned cities, ports, expensive cities, etc. have to know the details. You must always have to stay updated in order to be good in the general knowledge section. Intensive care should be taken to the contemporary phenomenon. It is possible to do well in admission tests if SSC and HSC's main textbooks are read well. Because there is usually less question than admission tests without general knowledge from outside of this textbook.

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