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Most popular Online Video Games in the world now

Most popular Online Video Games in the world now

We play games as our hobby. We use our extra time to play games. Most of the people now spend their time before PC, Tablets or Mobile Phone. So playing games has become their hobby. Here given the top and most well known online video games in the world now.

This game was created in 2004. It is a multiplayer online game and it holds Guinness World Record for the most subscribed (more than 10 millions) game. Actually, it is a massively multiplayer online role playing game.

This game is now placed at the top position online games. It is a multiplayer online game and it is produced by Roit Games. League of Legends was discharged on 27 October, 2009.

  ü DOTA 2

This game was created by Valve Corporation. DOTA 2 is one of the most famous online games. It is actually a multiplayer fight field online computer game. It was released in July 2013. Firstly it was produced for Windows. Now this game’s versions of other operating systems are also available.

  ü Overwatch
This game has above 20 millions unique registered players and it is released earlier in this year. It is a very big game so who aren’t familiar with this game may be difficult to play. It has unique and creative characters too.

  ü Minecraft
Minecraft was published by Swedish Company Mojang. This game has different versions for different operating systems. It is also one of the most popular online games and it has much popularity on the social Medias too.

Counter strike is an online first person shooter game. This game is also developed and released by Valve Corporation in August 21, 2012. It is one of the most popular games in the internet. It was also the bestselling video game s in 2012.

  ü HearthStone
Hearth Stone has more than 35 million players in the last month. It is most popular in the e-sports world. The Hearth Stone competitors also get paid to play in e-sports tournaments.