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How to prevent diabetes

More than 24 million Americans suffer from diabetes so it’s the high time to prevent diabetes by caring our body and health. In this tutorial post, I am going to find out some ways to prevent type 2 diabetes.

 Firstly, what is type 2 diabetes? We know a body cell needs energy and it gets energy from simple sugar, glucose and from other foods too. The energy is supplied throughout the whole body by blood stream. So, there exists a balanced sugar level in the blood stream. The rising sugar level in the bloodstream signals pancreas to make and release insulin but when the pancreas becomes unable to supply or make or properly use enough insulin then it causes problems. If the sugar level increases gradually, then type 2 diabetes starts. But when immune system of the body attacked by something and disables to make insulin, it is called type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes can only be prevented by proper treatment but type 2 diabetes can be prevented or kept in a low level by following some rules and regulations.

Type 2 diabetes can be prevented:

1.     You should control your weight.
2.     Take physical exercise regularly.
3.      Ride By-cycle or walk a far.
4.     Eat proper and balanced diet and maintain a food routine.
5.     Always skip sugary drinks, coffee, tea or other cold drinks.
6.     Avoid eating fatty foods.
7.     Make limit to eat red meat and avoid to eat processed meat.
8.     Give up smoking.
9.     Stay lean in health
10. Be active in your work.

These are the major rules for preventing type 2 diabetes. Thanks for reading this writing. Hope you will enjoy the next writings too.