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Why I can not sleep at night properly

Why I can not sleep at night properly

Many people struggle to get sleep but do not try to find out the reasons. Today, we will discuss some reasons on how you cannot sleep properly. Sometimes you wake up at midnight and don’t get sleep for hours. You are feeling insomnia or other reasons. We also will discuss about insomnia and other reasons.

Insomnia is a common problem to many people and it takes much energy and mood of the working hours of a day. If you have chronic insomnia, then it can cause serious health problem. Then you should go to doctor and get advice from him. There are some types of insomnia. Firstly, try to find out the causes of insomnia and your basic problem. Then take necessary steps to improve your sleeping condition. Try to control your habits and sleeping environment. Identify the reasons for not falling sleep. Find out the ways to sleep when you wake up at midnight. Take proper rest at day and learn more on how to sleep good at night.

Actually, insomnia is the disability to fall asleep at night. Who are falling sleep at night, can pass the day at a good mind. But who feel insomnia, can’t pass day in a good way. They can’t give mind in their works and get tired easily. They frustrate and upset all time. Insomnia can cause high pressure and many other diseases. It decreases your mood and concentration level at your daily work gradually. But, it is no matter how long you feel insomnia. Now just try to find the real reasons and types of insomnia by own self or by doctors. Several types of insomnia are discussed below.

Short term insomnia is the first type of insomnia. Actually, it is a temporary problem. It causes due to illness, travelling, sorrows or frustrations. Most of the people face this type of insomnia. But long term insomnia causes when you regularly experience trouble in sleeping. If one faces this problem for a long time, can seriously damages his health. In this case, you must take advice from doctors.

Insomnia can be categorized in some other categories like as sleep onset insomnia, sleep maintenance insomnia etc. The first is the difficulty when you feel asleep like as tiredness and the second is difficult to stay asleep. A good sleeper generally ignores the second one.

A man usually can’t sleep for anxiety, stress, depression and frustration. These are the common causes of chronic insomnia. Sleeping difficulty can make anxiety, stress, depression and frustration. The other causes are anger, worry, grief, bipolar disorder, trauma etc. Many diseases like as asthma, allergies, Parkinson’s disease, hyperthyroidism, acid re flux, kidney disease, and cancer can cause insomnia. Many drugs can also cause insomnia which contains alcohol, caffeine or slimming pills. As insomnia is a sleeping disorder, it increases the other symptoms of diseases.

Some physical causes of insomnia:

Anxiety, stress and depression are the common cause. Other common causes are anger, worry, grief, bipolar disorder and trauma. Allergy, Parkinson’s diseases, reflux, Asthma, cancer, chronic pain is also some causes of insomnia. Bad daytime habits can also cause insomnia.

When you can’t sleep, use bedroom only for sleeping only. Please turn off all things before at least one hour of bed time. Try to avoid stimulating situations before sleeping. Get out from bed when you can’t sleep. Give your body relax. Take meditation.

If you can’t stay sleep, then try to avoid drinking too many liquids in the evening. Don’t drink alcohol before bed. Don’t eat big meals at night. Try to relax more and more. Do physical exercises. Taking sleeping pills is not good habit. Try to avoid it, but if you take a low dose, it will not harm.