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How to Find Your Lost Mobile Phone ~ 10 Super Tips and Ways For You

Mobile Phone is our loving things. We can’t imagine how much suffer if we loss mobile phone. So, it is very necessary to know how to find lost mobile phone.In this tutorial, I will show the process step by step.

    1.    Calling and Messaging system:

At first, you should call your phone number. If you have no other phone in your hand, try to tell someone to call to your phone. You can also call from some website free. or is such free calling website. Then if you found your phone closed, try to message something to your phone number. You can also declare a reward for your lost phone in the message. If someone gets the phone, who knows you, then he can know your identity by your message and can return the phone to you.

    2.    Retracing System:

Try to remember the last number dialing of your phone. Try to remember the situation and places with that time. If you sometimes go to a hotel or restaurant go there and try to tell an employee of there. You should also give a simple description to the employee. If any employee found any phone, try to convince him to verify the phone with your description.

    3.     Contacting Service Provider System:

If you know the number of your service provider customer care, try to contact with them. If not get their customer care service number, search online or phonebook. If they have GPS location service on your number, they can help you.

    4.     With Android Device Manager Tracking System:

You can track your android phone with two ways. Firstly, sign in your Google account (Gmail) which account you generally used to sign in to your mobile device specially Google Chrome Browser in your lost phone. Then search Google “How to find my lost phone”. Here, Google device manager instantly show you’re the location of your mobile phone. You also find here the option “ring your phone”. If your phone remains internet connected in that time, your phone will ring. But if you don’t get actual location of your phone, see the previous location history of your phone in Google Maps. You will also find this option here or go to

    5.     Blackberry Phone System:

Like Android Device manager, there is no special way to find Blackberry Phone. So, you have to sign up to some third party service like “Berry Locator” by spending about $7.00 USD. This service will send a message to your lost device with show you where your phone is located.

6.     iPhone System:

To find your lost iPhone, you have to use “Find my iPhone” app. By this app, you will find the location of your phone. It is really about accurate.

    7.     Windows Phone System:

Visit the Microsoft Device Pages from any computer and you will find the location service to track down your lost windows phone by phone model number. You can here lock your phone, wipe the content or data off your phone.

8. Be Smart To be Safe

If you become sure that your phone has stolen, be smart to find it.You should report it to the police and pray help from them. You must change your passwords and logins of your phones. You can also contact with a telephone company. Make a report and submit it to the police station.

     9.     Prevent Future loss System:

Write down your phone serial number (S/N) or IMEI in your diary. S/N number is given in the pack of your phone and you will find IMEI by dialing *#06# . You can register your phone by some service provider like . For registering here, you need your phone serial number.

   10.    Be careful:

If you often loss something especially mobile phone, try to identify or reasons for losing. Be careful, stay safe and don’t be worried.

Some websites that can help you about this issue: