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Govt. Holiday Calendar 2017 in Bangladesh

Govt. Holiday Calendar 2017 in Bangladesh

At first, happy new year to all. Already we have passed some days of this year 2017. The good news for us is our government has already declared the holiday calendar routine 2017 some days ago. This post will teach you about the govt. holidays in 2017. So, give attention and enjoy your holidays.

The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has announced the govt. holidays calendar 2017. Senior Assistant Secretary Md. Alamgir Hosen has signatured a notice by order of President. The holidays are categorized in seven categories. The categories are general holidays, executive holidays, optional holidays for Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Buddhists and optional holidays for tribal people.

With weekly holidays, general holidays are 14 days, executive holidays are 8 days, optional holidays for Muslims are 6 days, optional holidays for Hindus are 8 days, optional holidays for Christians are 8 days and optional holiday for Buddhists are 5 days. For the area of Chittagong and tribal people, optional holidays are 2 days.

Besides, one govt. employee can get 3 days optional holidays. There are also 52 weekly holidays in one year. Every govt. employee will enjoy these holidays. The non-govt. organizations will declare their own holiday calendar. This calendar is for only the government employees. Happy Holidays to all!     

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