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Coxs bazar Traveling Complete Guide

Cox’s Bazar is one of the longest sea-beach in the world. This is about unbroken 120km long sandy sea-beach with a gentle slop located south-east of Bangladesh. It is one of the most visited tourist spot of Bangladesh. Many foreigners and Bangladeshi natives visit this city every year. So, many hotels, guest houses and motels have been built in this city and coastal region.

Tourists attractions:

The longest sea-beach is the main attraction place of the town. There are also some several places of interests near the town.

          1.     Himchari National Park :

It locates to the south of the town. It has large forest, grassland, trees and a number of waterfalls. This is a old national park established in 1960.

      2.     Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park:

It is the first safari park of Bangladesh. The nature of this forest is very green with various trees. It is declared as the protected area where animals can move freely within a large area in the natural environment. Visitors can visit this place by bus, car or on foot.

         3.     Inani Beach:

        It is the another stony sea-beach near Cox’s Bazar.

         4.     Maheshkhali: 

       It is an island of Cox’sBazar. It is about 268 square kilometers. In the hills of this   coast you will see the shrine of Adinath. There is also a Buddhist Pagoda near it.

         5.     Sonadia Island:

       About seven km way from the Cox’sBazar and it is nine square kilometers.  

         6.     Teknaf:

          Teknaf is the southmost tip of Bangladesh. It is situated on the Naaf river. Myanmar       is   on the opposite bank of this river.  

Traveling guide: How to Get in

Cox’sBazar is about 150 km to the south of divisional city Chittagong. But, it is connected both by air and road transport with Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. On United airways, there are some non-stop flights from Dhaka to Chittagong every day. It takes about 1 hour by air and fare is about Taka 40000 BDT. But by bus it takes about 10 hours from Dhaka to Chittagong and fare is taka 400-500 BDT in non-AC. There are many private AC bus too and fare is about 1400-1500 BDT. The private buses have offices near the “Hotel sea Queen”. During the tourist season, tourists should take steps for advanced ticketing.

How to get around:

There are many cycle and rickshaws in the town. Travelling between the hotel motel zone will cost about 20 taka BDT. The approximate value with the US currency is given bellow;
Taka 20 = 29 Cent, Taka 15 = 22 Cent, Taka 12 = 17 Cent etc.

What will you do :

You can swim in the sea surf sandy beach. Be careful about the waves when swim. Check for the green flag instead of red flag in the life saving tower. It is better to leave sandals and other necessary belongings to avoid any loss. The beach chair attendant will help you. You can rent the beach chair on hourly rate basis for amusement. You can drink many green coconuts. Cox’s Bazar is famous for green coconut and mountain’s banana at a cheap rate. You can find fishing boats around the hotel motel zone. Staying in the beach is not risky as there are tourist polices.

There are many shops near the hotel motel zone. You can buy many things from these shops. And there are many restaurants along the sea beach road. Several restaurants are Jhawban Restaurant, Poushee Restaurant, Mermaid cafe, Handi, Nilima café Restaurant, Beach Planet café etc. Alcohol is not easy drinks in Cox’s Bazar but is available in the 3 and 5 star hotels.

Sleeping at Night:

Hotel sea Gull and Hotel Media international are located in the center of the town. There are also many hotels in the towns. Seagull Hotel, Hotel sea crown, Ocean Paradise Hotel, Nilima Beach Resort, Hotel Coastal Peace are also some famous hotel here.