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About Operating Systems

About Operating Systems

Operating system is a system software. Its main function is to manage device memory and processes. It works with device hardware and software.

A computer operating system works with the computer’s hardware and software and it manages computer memory and processes. We can run several programs at a time and we need to access to the computer’s central processing unit, computer memory randomly. This is possible for the instant functions of computer’s operating system.

The most popular operating system for personal computer is Microsoft Windows Operating System and Mac Operating System. And for the server computer is Linux or Ubuntu Operating System. There are also some another operating systems like as MS DOS etc.

The reason for popularity of Windows OS or Mac OS is using the “Graphical User Interface” (“GUI”). For graphical user interface a common person can use computer easily. And each operating system’s graphical user interface is different from the other. This graphical user interface is the combination of graphics and text and it is really amazing. All modern operating systems are designed in such way that even an illiterate person can operate a computer by identifying the icon, graphics or symbols with his eyes.

Microsoft Corporation invented the Windows Operating System in 1980. Gradually, they published many versions of windows and the most recent published windows 10 in 2015.  Earlier, they have published Windows 98, Windows vista, Windows seven etc, versions.

Windows operating system has a very beautiful graphical user interface and it is sometimes pre-loaded on a new computer which causes it to be the most popular operating system in the world. Apple Incorporation invented Mac Operating System. Usually, it is pre-loaded on Macintosh computers. Apple also published many versions of this operating system. The most recent and popular version is OS X. The earlier Mac OS operating system’s versions are Lion in 2011, Mountain Lion in 2012, Mavericks in 2013 and Yosemite in 2014.

 Apple Computers are expensive than others. That is why, only 10% of computer users use this operating system. Linux is an open source operating system which can be easily modified, redistributed by anyone around the world by its common license. So Linux is free and you can find many more versions of this operating system.

Linux users are less than 3% all over the world, but it is mostly used in the server computers because it is easy to modify it. The common versions of Linux are Ubuntu, Linux Mint etc.

Above we have talked about the operating system of computers but there are some different operating systems for the mobile devices. The most well known operating system for mobile devices is Apple OS and Google Android. But this operating systems have no many functions like the computer’s operating systems. However, these are especially made for little mobile devices. These operating systems are also popular throughout the world as the demand of Smartphone is increasing day by day. You can also do a lot of necessary tasks with these operating systems.
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