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How to get a full free Scholarship to study in Turkey?

How to get a Full Free Scholarship to study in Turkey?

(If you are interested in studying for a government scholarship in Turkey, you should read this article. What do you write in the Letter of Intent? Statement of Purpose (SOP)? In this article, whether to seek the assistance of an agent, the application link, You can also find out where to get all the questions, etc. Read it yourself, share it and let others know)

Is it possible to get a full scholarship to study in Turkey? How can I get a scholarship that covers everything, including airfare, tuition fees, lodging, health insurance, monthly pocket money? Is it difficult to get a full funded scholarship? What qualifications are required to get such a scholarship? Thousands of such questions come up every day.

So this is the subject of this article today. If you are interested in studying for a government scholarship in Turkey, you must read this article.

The Turkish government offers full-funded scholarships to 5,000 students worldwide every year. Today I will talk about the Turkish government's scholarship in detail. This scholarship is called 'TURKEY BURSLARI' (TÜRKİYE BURSLARI) in Turkish. Let us go straight to the root of the word without raising it.

1. For whom this scholarship:
The scholarship is open to students from all countries of the world, including Bangladeshi students.

2. Whatever is in the scholarship:
-Full tuition fees.
- Monthly scholarship - 700 lira for honors, 950 lira for masters and 1400 lira for Ph.D.
- One year free Turkish language learning course before the main course begins.
- Free accommodation in public / private dormitories (including breakfast and dinner).
-The first time to arrive and at the end of the course a flight ticket to Nizhne (on Turkish Airlines).
- Health insurance.

3. Qualification of Applicant:
-You are not a citizen of Turkey.
-There is no university in Turkey yet.
- Are you willing to apply for a graduate, postgraduate, PhD or research program?
- You can apply for PhD if you have SSC / Submission, 70% marks in AHC / Alim exam for Honors, and 75% marks in the mentioned exams and Honors. Must have 90% mark.
* Age-
- To apply for graduation, you must be under 21 years of age.
-The age to apply for post-graduate is below 30 years.
To apply for a PhD, you must be below 35 years of age.
To apply for a research program, you must be under 45 years of age.
B: A: Usually IELTS / TOFEL is not required to apply for Turkish scholarship, but IELTS / TOFEL score will be required for all Universities you apply to if you want IELTS / TOFEL in all those University Requirements. However, if you have already done IELTS / TOFEL, GRE, GMAT etc. then you must submit his score and certificate at the time of application.

4. Duration of application:
The application process begins in January of each year and ends in February. In 2019, applications have been accepted from January 15 to February 24.

5. Documents required for application:
-Enhanced ID card or passport or English copy of birth certificate. (I would prefer passport)
- All official examination certificates.
-Transcript of all formal examinations.
- One copy of passport size photo.
-IELTS / TOFEL, GRE, GMAT certificates. (If your applied university wants them)
- Two reference letters.
Scan all the above documents and upload them to PDF file.
- And based on the Statement of Purpose (SOP) and the answer to some questions. (These should be written directly at the time of application, not to be uploaded on separate paper).

6. Application Method:
The application process must be completed online completely. The process is very simple, but a little long-term work. Go to Turkey Bursary's website and open your account with a single email and fill it out with all the information. Finish one step and save the next step. Very simple method.

And yes, you do not have to fill them all at once. Whenever there is a time, you can fill in all the information by logging into the account with a cold head. You can log in as many times as you like. So you have to do it very quickly, but not in a day. PDF will upload all the certificates, mark-sheets, reference letters, other certificates.
Take time in hand, do not do it at the end of the application. There will be the option to write Statement of Purpose and Letter Intent, fill it slowly. If you have certificates for Extra-Curricular Activities, Social Works, Awards or Volunteering Activities, you will have the option to upload them and write short descriptions of them.

After uploading all the documents, you will be given a list of subjects and universities based on your uploaded information. You can apply to a maximum of 12 universities from there. Of course you will know the details, including the rankings of the Universities run by Google. Remember that the first choice you give to the university, the higher the authority will be. But there are exceptions too. The exception has been the case for me.
After completing, you will have the opportunity to check the final and submit the necessary edits.

7. Supporting Activities for Scholarship Receipts:
One thing to be aware of here is that Turkish scholarship is not based solely on results. The result is definitely a consideration, but the scholarship committee will look closely at your results as well as your extra curricular activities, volunteering activities. Here we talk about Extra-Curricular Activities, participation in conferences, seminars, workshops, social work, summer camps, volunteering activities etc.
How many certificates does one need to know that many people need? I reply that there is no limitation of this. There is no binding rule. You will upload all certificates you have participated in. However, it is better to say here that you can give a certificate of participation in the subject-related program that you applied for.
But if you don't have a certificate, don't you apply? I would say apply anyway. But of course, extra-curricular activities will keep you ahead of others in getting scholarships.

8. What is Letter of Intent?
The Letter of Intent plays a vital role in obtaining Turkish government scholarship. Now let's know what a letter of intent really is. Letter of Intent is one for employment and another for scholarship. But in the case of Turkish scholarship, LoI means 5/6 questions in this option. This is related to what you want to thesis about.
Each question is asked for details of the thesis related to your topic or topic of your choice. There will be questions such as the name of your thesis, Objectives, Research Methods, Literature Review, Contribution etc. Of course there will be a word limit for the answer to every question. (This is applicable to applicants for Masters and PhDs).

9. What to Write in the Statement of Purpose (SOP)?
Another very important thing to get a Turkish scholarship is the SOP. Letter of Intent or Personal Essay means SOP when it comes to applying for good honors. This is why it is very important for all applicants. What to Write Subject To Write This Letter The scholarship authority will give you hints.
For example - write an essay on your academic and social experience related to the subject you are applying for, Turkey's preferred cause for higher education, your degree or education and the importance of your future plans for a Turkish scholarship.
You do not have to follow any specific format. Write as yourself, but do not let it happen again in your entire life. Then the writing will become too big. Never write too short again. Enter approximately 500 words in 3000 characters.
Here is one thing to keep in mind, never write it down with any of your friends, older brothers, teachers or anyone else. Don't use very strong, difficult English words. Simply write in your own language. That's the best option. Note that you cannot defraud the Scholarship Authority.

10. From whom will the Reference Letter take you?
For this scholarship, two reference letters or memorandum letters are mandatory. Now the question is from whom will you take this reference letter? The best is to take from your teacher, where your teacher will write about you, from a teacher who is in line with your subject.
Or who was the advisor to your thesis or who knows best about you. Take it from them. Remember that the number of people from whom you have taken the reference letter will have to submit an option at the time of application and number. The scholarship authority will contact them later. Usually they mail the referee.

11. Interview:
The Turkish scholarship process is very long. About 2 to 6 months after applying, call for a brother. Of course there are reasons. About a million applications are submitted every year, from which the scholarship committee carefully calls on the siblings of the chosen ones. It is important to remember that calling in brother means not getting chance. Turkish professors will ask you some questions and will look at all documents provided by you at the time of application. The brother will naturally be in English, but you can give it in Bangla if you want, there are interpreters.
Before leaving for the interview, you should be thoroughly prepared about the subjects you applied for at the university. You will be asked about your requested subject and some basic things about Turkey. Why want to study in Turkey? Why are you interested in this topic? Want to read in Turkish? Have you applied elsewhere? How will your project benefit your country? What is your Future Plan? Will you return home? Etc. will ask.
No one can tell what Exact will ask you. However, there is nothing to fear. They are very sincere and helpful. Very fun to talk to you, in very simple English. You only have to keep the Confidence.

12. Is learning a Turkish language compulsory?
For the level for which you receive a Turkish scholarship, you must first take a one year language course. It's mandatory for everyone. Even if you get a scholarship to study in English. But there are some exceptions, if you have a scholarship authority (YTB) contract with the university where you received a scholarship that does not require language courses through English, then you can go straight to the main course.
As an example, I studied Masters in English through The Sea and Maritime Law Department at Ankara University. It is not mandatory for me to teach Turkish language courses because of a scholarship agreement with my department. However, getting the chance through English is a bit difficult and a matter of luck. In my batch, I am the only Englishman from Bangladesh.
But you will learn a new language with students from different countries of the world for free, it will be a new experience, what is it evil? Believe it or not, Turkish language is a lot of fun.

13. Will you take the help of an agent?
Here I will say 'no' in a single sentence. You will not receive any assistance from an agent. Do it all yourself. It doesn't cost any money to apply. Many will offer so much money to apply, I will get a certain scholarship, do not fall into any trap. If you have any problems during the application, where to get help? Below I will give a group link, there you will get all the help.

14. What is the rate of receiving Turkish scholarship from Bangladesh every year?
In 2019, 5,000 students from 175 countries of the world received this scholarship. Of them, 63 got the chance from Bangladesh. Of the nearly 6000 applicants from Bangladesh, 153 were given by a brother. Every year 50+ students are getting this scholarship from Bangladesh. So, as it is fierce competition, scholarship is not bad.
14. Where do you get news of scholarship application?
News about the Turkish scholarship application is available in various ways. First up on the Turkish Bursary website and on social media. I am giving three links below. Monitor regularly to get all updates.

A. Turkish Bursary Website -
B. Turkey Bursary's Facebook Page -

C. Facebook Group to Support Bangladeshis - Turkey Burslari Scholarship for Bangladeshi Students

15. Where to find answers to any questions regarding scholarship?
The following groups will find answers to all Turkish scholarship questions. Joining the group will first read the contents of the file section of the group and see the previous posts. And if you know anything, post it.
Link to get answers to all questions -

16. Link to Scholarship Application:

Turkey is a very popular destination for international students. I think most of the world's people study here. All kinds of people are here. What's more, your higher education address is Turkey too. So start preparing now. Of course you will succeed.