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Paragraph on Email


Electronic mail (abbreviated "e-mail" or, often, "email") is a store and forward method of composing, sending, storing, and receiving messages over electronic communication systems. The term "e-mail" applies both to the Internet e-mail system and to intranet systems allowing users within one organization to e-mail each other. Email is the electronic transmission of messages, letters, and documents. In its broadest sense electronic mail includes point-to-point services such as telegraph and facsimile (fax) systems. In getting started with E-mail one needs to have a basic E-mail system which requires a terminal or personal computer from which a user can access the sophisticated E-mail software running on a host computer. When using this application system, each person connected to the system is allocated a mailbox and set of programs for creating, transmitting, and reading mail. It is commonly thought of, however, in terms of computer-based message systems where the electronic text file that is received can be edited, replied to, excerpted, or even pasted into another electronic document that can be used or manipulated by a word processor, desktop publishing system, or other computer programs. Users of such systems, called store-and-forward or mailbox systems, can broadcast messages to multiple recipients, read and discard messages, file and retrieve messages, or forward messages to other users. Extensions to e-mail allow the user to add graphics and sound to messages. Today, more than ever before, society has a greater need to have communication capabilities that are fast and reliable. Businesses rely on these capabilities so they can maintain efficient and productive companies. They also have a desire to keep the amount of paper involved in communication transactions to a minimum. So, today e-mail has proven to be one of the most popular office automation application systems that facilitates human communications.