Detailed Curriculum of MBM Admission Test ~ Ofuran

Detailed Curriculum of MBM Admission Test

MBM Admission Test Question Pattern

 MCQ Section
  • Total Duration : 1.5 hour
  • English Proficiency( 40 Marks): Antonym, Synonym, Analogy, Substituting In a Single Word, Sentence Correction,sentence Completion, Comprehension etc.
  • Mathematics & Analytical Ability(50 Marks ) : Arithmetic ,Algebra, Geometry ,Tables ,Graphs ,Critical Reasoning , Data sufficiency etc.
  • General Knowledge & Current Financial, National & International AffairsTotal Marks 10
* Written Assessment :
  • Total Duration : 1 hour
  • Writing Areas Marks
  1. Essay 15
  2. Answering from a Large Reading Comprehension 10
  3. Precise/Argument writing 15
  4. Translation Into English 10
Moreover, There is no hard & fast rule for marks distribution.. so it always depends… but the topics covered here remains identical

  • Cracking The Admission Hurdle :
  • Primary Level:
1.Cliffs Toefl
2.Saifurs Math(Excluding Hard Problems)
3.Saifurs student Vocabulary
4.Barrons Sat(practice tests only)
5.Mentors' Math Q bank.

  • Medium Level:
1.Nova’s Math Bible
2.Barrons Gmat
3.GRE Big Book(only for Analogy, Synonym , Antonym ,Graphs & Sentence Completion)
4.Word Smart
5.Saifurs Critical Reasoning. 

  • Advance Level :
1.Official Gmat
2.Manhattan Gmat

  • Cracking the Gk n written assessment (crucial one):
* Always get acquainted with current financial, National n International affairs
* Try to read The Financial Express n The Daily Star everyday
* There is no alternative of reading English dailies regularly & practicing accordingly to develop writing skill
* Aspirants may also practice from Assurance BCS English

Questions Practice :
  • Last 5 years question of MBM admission test
  • Recent Bank Recruitment test questions
  • Last 5 years admission test question of IBA
  • Online Practice:
  • Following primary and medium level strategy is must for every aspirant...Don't start taking preparation at sixes & sevens...Although it depends but I would request the aspirants to take into account the strategies sequentially

  • Conclusion: By and large,Cracking the admission hurdle is not a herculean task.. By dint of hard labor, anyone can make a success story here… please Don't read by fits & starts.. whenever u start dreaming,continue it until it carry into effect.. Another important thing is that such preparation will enable a fighter for competing any competitive exam including bank jobs.. .. If were not able to make a success story, then never ever think that your efforts were ended in smoke… Your all our efforts can bear fruit anytime...if 1 opportunity is missed then go for another… Mind that ,Opportunities are enormous for the fittest …

  • Wanna hearken more & more success stories from the dear group members... :) All of your success will accomplish the objectives of forming such forum... hope to come across with the future financial engineers at our beautiful campus as well as at the workplace... please keep me in your prayer :)

  • Be that as it may, Designing a body & soul guideline for cracking admission hurdle is undoubtedly above my station… so any invaluable suggestion to improve the guideline from the stakeholders will be highly appreciable… You guys can put the suggestions in the comment box n I will edit the doc accordingly...

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