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Why it is bad to read too book? Learn here

A famous former reporter of Thomson Reuters answered a question that was "Is it bad to read too many books?" He wrote there some specific points why it's answer it yes.

A student

He wrote-

If you read too many books you will - 
1. Learn too much about the world and question reality.
2. Talk too much at parties and never get laid.
3. Your partner will leave the bed because pillow talk has become a forum for philosophical debate.
4. Discard your childlike perception of the world and realise everything is terrible.
5. Use words in your tinder profile like ‘epistemological’ and nobody will date you.
6. Have no space for your personal belongings as your habitation space will be filled with books.
7. Become poor and homeless because you have spent all your money on books.
8. Never get a job because you are overqualified and ask the interviewer too many questions which they are unable to answer.
9. Develop a drinking problem because nobody understands you like Tolstoy.
10. Begin writing sarcastic answers on Quora thinking you are really clever but actually you just want people to notice you.

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