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World Famous 8 Mobile Apps!

The story of the world's trembling 8 mobile apps

Word Lens: 

This app uses mobile phone cameras to help translate the language. Suppose you went to a country whose language you have no idea about. There can be many suffering for this. But with the help of this app, a picture of the text will translate into the language as needed by the user. So now the language of another language can not create any obstacles for us.


Uber is an app that is very popular in this period. The car will be present in only one box. Write down where you are, complete the job. After that, you can rent your credit card. This app has a circulation in 58 countries and 300 cities. So do not wait longer to stand in a longer line. Their new service UberEATS, which provides food to their doorstep like the user's needs.


Ever wondered, how would you like to fix the hotel by going to the street without checking the hotel fares and choosing the hotel? Yes, this app offers the convenience. You can choose your home and your place of convenience. The specialty of this app is that there are many options here, from which you can choose from the needs of your needs and your choice of hotels. The trouble that had to be done before choosing the hotel was reduced to some extent.


If you have ever studied in China, you must listen to this app. This app can be used only in China, which replaces all other apps, even Facebook and Messenger. It's one of the biggest messaging apps in the world. The number of users exceeds 600 million. It is not limited to sending messages only. Playing games, sending money, doctor appointment, buying movie tickets, food order, everything is possible in this app.


This app helps to reach any specific destination. The whole responsibility of the product relocation is free from the hassle of the user. The product that you want to move. If you send a picture of this app with the help of this app, their courier system will come and understand the product and properly packaging them with their local warehouse to the destination.

It depends only on the transfer of others, even if they take responsibility for understanding the product. For example: FedEx, UPS etc., but this app is working to control itself in the future. Currently they are limited to New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco; But in the future, they are planning to work beyond this circle.


This app helps learn a new language through playing. The game is adapted by holding several steps in learning the language as a level. This application continues according to the normal rules of the game. For example, giving points, level unlocking, etc. The main purpose of this app is to make the user efficient in any one of the 13 languages given to them. It helps to teach a new language while playing.


It is created by the initiative of the company named Bitfinder, who works on environmental health. This app basically tells about the air conditions inside your house. It can also provide information about the temperature of the air, the steam and even the amount of dust in the air.

Thief Tracker:

It is understood by the name that this app is basically made to work. If someone's mobile phone is stolen or tries to unlock more than 3 times without permission, then this app will automatically upload the photo with the front camera and bolster the image in its owner's email and say where it is now. The UI of this app has a delete option that lets you delete pictures on your mobile.