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Why did Stephen Hawking not won Nobel Prize?

Why did Stephen Hawking not won Nobel Prize?

No, ultimately the Nobel Prize was not awarded to Sir Stephen William Hawking. After his death, all the chances of getting his Nobel Prize were canceled too. Because, the first condition of gaining the Nobel Prize is to be alive!

If he had a little time, maybe he could get the Nobel Prize. A few years ago and the result of some tests was seen as this event could happen in the year 2018-19.

Hawking's interest in the Nobel Prize can be heard for the last few years. Wheelchair scientist is speaking at a large auditorium. The slide is coming after the slide, the voice is being heard. Suddenly everyone sat down. Because, the picture on the screen is a Nobel prize! It was heard, Hawking's metallic voice - if low-mass black hole is discovered, then I would get the Nobel Prize. '

When Alfred Nobel made his will, he put some conditions there. The large part was 'practically proven' -in this sentence. Because, the theoretical physicists have to wait for this award for a long time. Einstein was no exception. The Nobel Committee has awarded the Nobel Prize to Einstein in 1922, after the observation of Arthur Edington during the 1919 solar eclipse and finally, in the description of the prize, the matter of electrical activity of light with other things. 

In a comment to the world-famous 'The Time' magazine, Hawking said in January of 2016, he is working in such a way that his work with the black hole may prove to be true. If the results of an article published in The Nature magazine in August in the same year were true, Hawking's waiting time could be ended.