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The mysterious extraordinary reasons to fall in love

The mysterious extraordinary reasons to fall in love

Love is always mysterious. A new study says that one who falls in love depends on his body's hormonal drilling, desire and sincerity. There are still some mysterious reasons, which can cause anyone to fall in love with anyone.

i. If you find someone like yourself, it may look good. Appearance matches, matching matches, or styles. Even in the study, it is said that if they do not have the opposite sex they will fall in love.

ii. The University of Saint Andrews psychiatrist David Perate and his team of colleagues said in a study that people with eyes and hair of similar characteristics can fall in love with each other. Another strange topic came up in the exam. Boys who do not have much interest in their mother's age more than thirty, do not care about them. In this case, in the face of the girl, they see the shadow of the old face of the mother.

iii. The University of Southern California researcher says that if they liked the smell of t-shirts used by boys, they fell in love. It has been found that women who are attracted to the smell of testosterone hormone that are too high in the body.

iv. The word gesture in love of love becomes stronger than applying. If you put your hands in the pocket of the book, it seems that you are not interested. But in the open, two hands and a tight chest looks like women.

v. University of Massachusetts psychiatrist Joan Kelleran said in a study that someone kept falling in love with each other for two minutes. After two-and-a-half-and-a-half-hour eyesight, they did not feel like falling in love, but later they became emotional about each other.

vi. A Yale University psychologist said in his study that while talking, he is drinking warm water, his heart is too hot. So if one cup of coffee is eaten together, then fall in love with each other.

vii. Experts from the University of Michigan say that women who fall in love with a man having a dog. Because those men feel very responsible for women. Women also feel that they can be trusted.

vii. If both men and women are very attractive to watch, then fall in love with each other. Both of them are less interesting but each other's feelings can get accustomed.

viii. If the boy can sing or play a musical instrument, girls are easily attracted.

ix. A study in Slovakia says that if you wear red clothes, anyone can fall in love with you. Red is the most attractive color for love.

x. A little other beard-beats, women who have been found in love, have been seen in women's eyes. In one test, it is seen that girls are more attracted to begging than big and thick beard canes.