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The best ways to clean computer memory

The best ways to clean computer memory

The computer is one of the most essential companions in our daily routine. Starting from Internet browsing, sending mail, watching movies, playing games, and doing so many things are done with computers. But when we use the computer we are facing a common problem. That is, slowing down the computer. Slow computer is boring on one hand, on the other hand it interferes with the work. For this reason, it is necessary to find some rules which keep the computers fast.

Method 1:
While working on a computer, Windows creates many temporary files. Windows itself can not delete them. These files have to be deleted regularly.

To delete temporary files, go to the Run menu from the Start menu or type temp or% temp% or press prefetch and press Enter. Then the files that come are good to delete without any thoughts. This work should be done at least once in two to three days.

Method 2:
There is an easy way to remove Temporary files. Go to Start menu and Run and write cleanmgr and then press enter, there will be a dialog box called Select Drive. Select Drive from the Select Drive and press enter.

From the box called Disk Cleanup for (C), we will need to tick the files to delete from here to the enter. Thus, each drive must be selected separately and cleaned at least once a week. Then the computer will be fast.

Method 3:
To keep good hard disk, you should make regular Def Defragment. Hard disks may have data on both systems -

(A) FAT (File Allocation Table)

(B) NTFS (New Type File System)

Regardless of the system defragmenting disk, the hard disk will rearrange its data. Otherwise there is a possibility that the hard disk will be weak and damaged day by day.

Click on Start button and go to Programs and click Disk Defragmenter. From here, select the drives and click on Defragment. Disk defragment is required for at least twice a month.

Disk Defragment is not required for Mac OS. If needed, then go to the Utilities folder and click on the Disk utility to clean the hard disk.