XIAOMI is bringing Electric cars for us! ~ Ofuran

XIAOMI is bringing Electric cars for us!

XIAOMI is bringing Smart Electric cars for Customers!

China's popular handset brand XIAOMI is bringing electric cars to the market. As part of the new strategy to increase business, smartphones and smart devices as well as focus on making smart electric cars.

According to a report of The Economic Times, XIAOMI is registering as regular new companies in Beijing. Perhaps XIAOMI is going to start the business of electric cars.

In addition to electric cars, new payment banks and payment gateways have made the necessary preparations. They also got registered in the name of these companies.

In the Economic Times report, it has also been said that XIAOMI is focusing on developing gaming consoles, laptops, lifestyle products, computer accessories. The company has plans to build toys, backpacks, clothes and suitcases too! XIAOMI has already talked about the introduction of electric bikes in China.

XIAOMI sells XIAOMI TV, Tablet, Laptop, Blood Pressure Monitor, Electric Toothbrush, Smart Lighting Solution in China. XIAOMI will start selling AC, refrigerators, washing machines, water purifiers, vacuum cleaners very soon.