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Some awesome strategies to escape from hijacking

Some awesome strategies to escape from hijacking

Police apply high technology methods to catch and control crime. So you do not have to sit down. You have to fulfill some of your duties. False people or criminals can be fooled by making these strategies. Keep in mind the following things to keep yourself safe while traveling in your city and outside cities.

Be careful about strangers:

Alerts about strangers are not only with children but also with adults. You may tell the children not to answer the question of strangers, to get away from them immediately, to shout, and to tell someone who is trustworthy. The traveling site editor Evelyn Hannon said, if someone wants money from to help him, then you can say 'no'. He also said, when you pick out the wallet for the money, you tell the potential thief where cash is kept. I did not pretend to understand the time and did not stop.

Keep the head cool:

Travel expert Stephanie Michaels, popularly known as the adventurer's daughter, said, "Be friendly with the shoppers, travelers, and even with pedestrians." He also said, accepting a common ‘thank you’ and the wrong mistake makes wonderful work and helps passengers and others go a long way.

Wear simple clothing:

Wear clothing that is not easily attracted to the public place as easily as possible. Michael's advice to women is that they should keep all ornaments in the house before going outside alone. He said, avoid the brightly colored decorations that make it easy to notice and do not write anything on the T-shirt. The more you notice, the more likely you are to become a victim.

Do not share extra:

Fellow Shopper (other shopkeepers in the shop), it is good to talk to passengers and others but does not let them know about yourself while talking. Hannon suggested keeping himself 'mysterious'. Do not lecture the whereabouts of casual conversation and where you are traveling. If a stranger asks what you do and what you do not believe is trustworthy, then call yourself a policeman. Hennon said, "I often call the police to keep me safe.

Keep trail or tell:

Everyone on the tour makes new friends for casual talk. You will have to run public place outside your city or city. Tell family or friends where they are going to leave a note in the hotel room if you spend a lonely vacation or at a commercial meeting. It may be noted that when the room is leaving, where is going and meeting with whom can be mentioned. There may be problems in travel or danger. If you keep a trail or tell it to someone, it can be useful to you.

Do not understand the tourist:

When you see backpack people looking at the map, they may think they are tourists. Certainly, tourists have become easy targets for some deceivers and criminals for what they have with them. Please address the noticeable things in the prevention of theft. Keep the backpack in the hotel room and keep a map and camera with shopping bags from the local shopping mall. Hennon said the thieves or hijackers stripped backpack or purse more than shopping bags.

GPS and other directions:

Plan ahead in advance before traveling to strangers or to travel abroad. Know about any direction in your destination place, north, south, east and west. If you do not work in electronic maps or GPS, your knowledge will not let you lose your way. Keep a map of paper as a backup. Do not see the map on the busy road or the corner of the road and do not look nervously. You can take a look at the map in a restaurant, cafe or safe place.

Beware of using ATM:

ATM should not be used if there are suspicious people in solitary places or around. Make sure you have a security camera at the ATM. The cunning criminals chose the record-free spot. Do not bundle more money.