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20 Ways To Prevent Cancer Easily

20 Ways To Prevent Cancer Easily

Are you concerned about cancer prevention? Try to follow the rules and regulations and be successful. Actually, cancer is a group of disease which occurs for abnormal cell growth of parts of our body. But, not all tumors are cancer.

Symptoms of Cancer:

Among the possible symptoms of cancer are the lump, abnormal bleeding, prolonged cough, unexpected weight loss etc.

Reasons for cancer:

The mains reasons of cancers are in one line – nicotine-rich leaves, obesity, poor diet, lack of physical activity, eating alcohol etc.

Treatment of cancer:

Radiation Therapy, Surgery, chemotherapy, and some targeted therapy.
About 9 million people all over the world died of cancer in every year. So, we should try to keep our self-safe from it.\

Prevention of Cancer: 20 ways

     ·        Never use nicotine – rich leaves.
·        Never smoking.
·        Eat a lot of foods and vegetables.
·        Not eat high-calorie foods and fast foods.
·        Never drink alcohol.
·        Eat limit processed meats.
·        Maintain body weight.
·        Keep body fit.
·        Protect body from the sun.
·        Avoid mid-day sun.
·        Protect body from any viral infections.
·        Avoid risky behaviors in lifestyle.
·        Be safe from needles which are used by others.
·        Avoid carbonated sugary drinks.
·        Try to work on the stand, sit less.
·        Get the sun in the morning.
·        Drink green tea or coffee.
·        Sleep in dark bedroom.
·        Eat onion, ginger, garlic more.
Avoid dry cleaners.