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Find Smart NID Card Distribution Date Bangladesh

Find Smart NID Card Distribution Date Bangladesh

Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh has started to distribute the smart NID Card (Voter ID Card) of the national citizens of Bangladesh. The process was started about 1 year ago from today. But many people do not get this smart NID card yet. This happens because the distribution process of smart NID card is very slow.

     Fig: Smart NID Card BD Front part

This is slow process because of lacking proper skilled manpower for working on this job. Previously about 73 technicians were self-resigned from this job because of corruption, improper salary and for divided comments about how data of smart NID will be kept on the server and for some other untold reasons.

   Fig: Smart NID Card BD Back part

If you do not get your smart NID card yet, then please take news from your nearby or Voter area election commission office. Every election commission office has declared the NID distribution date of every area on the local election commission website. Please take news from this election commission. 

The district nearby areas are already completed in NID distribution works, but the remote area are not completed in smart NID distribution. 

See here how you find your local election commission website. Search notice about smart NID distribution from these websites.

Main website for smart NID card:

Election Commission website: 

Local website for NID distribution date:

Firstly go to National Information Portal- and the select district name and find button for election commission of the district portal. 

Example: website for all district is here:

How to find security layers of real smart NID Card BD?

About 10 important security layers are existed on new smart NID Card Bangladesh. 

1. Ghost image and birth date on the monogram on the right side of front part.

2. Signature below the person image.

3. Laser engraving NID number (10 digits, some digits are invisible, which really in 17 digits).

4. Unique barcode in the back part.

5. Ghost image in the back part too.

6. Holographic overlays in the front and back part.

7. Color and line effect (Guilloche - interwoven lines) of the both parts.

8. Microchips of front part holds data about the person.

9. Embossing of the both parts.

10. NID number is written on the raised dots.